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Wildlife Recreation Park Serulingmas, in Banjarnegara

Wildlife Recreation Park Serulingmas (TRMS) is located in the Village Kutabanjar District Bajnjarnegara, Banjarnegara district, Central Java province. A park that was once a forest have greened the city since 1994. The park was inaugurated by General (ret) Susilo Sudarman (late), when he was the Chairman of the Society Call Remember Banyumas (Serulingmas), on 21 August 1997.

Land owned TRMS Serulingmas overall is approximately 100,000 square meters or 10 hectares, of which 50,000 square meters of existing infrastructure and facilities, while the other 50,000 square meters of land is empty.

TRMS built during the regent (the time) Nurachmad Drs. In the park live more than 36 types of ruminant animals, birds, and reptiles and rare plants. Two Sumatran elephants, elephant school alumnus Way Kambas, Lampung. In addition there is also a tiger of Bengal, an African lion, and a bear.

Places Parks Recreation Areas Serulingmas located not far from the city center of Banjarnegara. Only about 2 km to the west, the park is located on the banks of the river Margoagung the river as a source of hydroelectric Mrica in District Onion. To arrive at these sites are easy to reach, access roads have been rebuilt and public transport are also available.

In the middle of the forest park there is also the tomb of Ki Ageng Selomanik, a follower of Prince Diponegoro who are driven to the west, and then settled in Indiana. From TRMS you can see a breathtaking view of the valley Serayu, who met with the Merawu and pallets on the west side. Not far from there there Banjarcahyana Dam, which was built by the Dutch in 1939. The dam was constructed siphons it through to the bottom Merawu time and is still working as a technical irrigation.

Aside from being a place of recreation for tourists, also functioned as a Wildlife Conservation outside their habitat. Various types of Animal Carnivora, herbivore or omnivore currently live and thrive.

Collection of Wild Fauna and Flora TRMS
When you get to the area of ​​Parks Recreation Areas Serulingmas, you will feel cool and comfortable. Shady trees abound in tourist sites, visitors who want to spoil the streets while enjoying the atmosphere of the tourist area.

Parks Recreation Areas Serulingmas Corn interesting to visit, as it combines some of the attractions in one location. You not only get to see a diverse collection of animals, swimming pool with waterboom facilities available. Rides are also made to pamper guests children. On any given day is usually held folk entertainment such as music or dance tasters, open stage provided specifically.

Harmonious integration between Flora and Fauna found in TRMS Serulingmas, making it a cool and comfortable for family recreation. Parks and Recreation Marga Satwa Serulingmas has the potential to condition at this time. Parks and Recreation Marga Satwa Serulingmas have different types of plants.

Although not as complete as other zoos or safari parks Ragunan. However Serulingmas Selomanik has a collection of animals that are complete enough of them Tigers, lions, snakes, orangutans, various birds, zebra, cassowaries, bears and many more. Park infrastructure is still quite good as it gets support from the government.
animal collection trms
TRMS has more than 36 types of ruminant animals, birds, and reptiles and rare plants. There's even a tourist facility elephant rides around the park with a guided handler. The pool is quite adequate, consisting of 3 parts pool for children and adults, as well as bath / rinse.

This recreational park is crossed by a stream Serayu add scenic beauty of the park. The park is in great demand by children and adolescents, on holidays or school holidays tourism is always crowded.

Towards TRMS
To reach these places you can use public transportation such as public transportation and wagon from town of Banjarnegara. Or for those who use private vehicles, just 10 minutes from the town square, west to take "until the intersection", right (Jl. A. Yani), Hospital junction take a left, continue straight (Jl. Selamanik) about 500 meters, and a few meters from the Office of Culture and Tourism (Dinbudpar Banjarnegara district) in the right way, visitors can park their vehicles at a designated place was.

Admission prices Serulingmas Wildlife Park is reasonably priced and affordable to get charged only for general Rp.5000 and Rp2,000 for students. You can also ride an elephant, a camel, a horse or a tariff of Rp5,000. In addition you can also enjoy rides such as travel pool, rides and so the rate Rp4,000 / ride.

In this park, tourists can also enjoy a drink special Banjarnegara, namely Dawet Ayu Banjarnegara. Rustic feel is still strong in the area makes TRMS TRMS suitable to serve as a tourist destination family holiday. With these features, TRMS is the only wildlife park in the southern part of Central Java province.

Further information:
Department of Culture and Tourism Banjarnegara
Address: 35 Jalan Selamanik
Tep / Fax: (0286) 592753

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