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Waterfall Hot Giritirta Banjarnegara Amazing

VILLAGE Giritirta, District Pejawaran, Banjarnegara save some of the natural attractions are simply stunning. At least, there are two sources of hot water and two waterfalls that we can enjoy if we visit the villages located on the plateau.
Four tourist attraction owned Giritirta including Curug
Genting, Curug Mrawu and duam hot springs that distance is not far apart from each other. However, to be able to that location can not be passed by a motorcycle, let alone a four-wheeled vehicle given the footpath. Up to now, four of the natural attractions that are still in the area was untouched by any party, including the Regency (Regency) Banjarnegara.

Waterfall Genting Village Giritirta along the trail looks beautiful view of kejauah. Waterfall sound of water is also heard in the distance. (Photo ruh)

Genting waterfall in the village along the road Giritirta
looks beautiful trails in view of kejauah. Waterfall sound of water also
heard in the distance. (Photo ruh)
If we are going there with a motorcycle or vehicle only to the Melikan Hamlet, one of the hamlets in the end of the village. From this village, there are two paths to get to the area attractions that kesemunya this should be reached by foot. Paths along the irrigation channels first and second Sikalong shortcut through the hill. The first path is more gentle than the second, only at greater distances.
During our trip down the irrigation channels are offered
beautiful scenery in the form of vegetable land which is flanked by hills that still virgin because it has not touched by humans. Hampatan farmland terraces models often contain a variety of vegetables such as potatoes, tomatoes make a trip to the location did not feel tired. Panorama of nature green expanse of land terracing models, structured, plus the cool air brings a distinct impression. Moreover, from a distance had seen waterfall water designated as if to welcome us.
Visitors are trying Giritirta hot water. Said to cure various diseases (ruh photo)

Visitors are trying Giritirta hot water. Said to cure various diseases
(Photo ruh)
About 100 meters before the waterfall waterfall Genting we have
cimpratan could feel the water that makes wet clothes. Arriving at the location, we will find waterfall waterfall Genting. Denganketinggian waterfall about 70 meters provides a view of the exotic. Waterfall menghamtan large rocks at the base raises cimpratan and sound saut-menyaut menyaut incessantly.
The chill of the mountain air we feel on the location of the waterfall would be treated since there are two hot springs are different characteristics of some distance from this waterfall. The distance is only about 100 meters, as well as the distance between the source of hot water with the second one.
No less beautiful scenery are also presented at this hot springs. In addition to visible smoke billowing, along the rocks in its path looks yellow-golden color. The yellow color is a result of lustrous yellow sulfur content in the water.
Visitors are trying Giritirta hot water. (Photo ruh)

Visitors are trying Giritirta hot water.
(Photo ruh)
While on the second hot springs, the water temperature is lower, but higher water discharge. During the dry season debitnya remains large. The colors are more inclined brownish. Both the warm water is beneficial for health. In addition to treating diseases of the skin, the warmth of the water can make up our mind relaxes.
After enjoying the warm water we can enjoy the waterfalls again, namely Curug Merawu within about 1 kilometer from the water only. Although debit smaller than Genting Curug, but the location is flat and wide. We are more free to bathe and swim under water waterfall with a height of about 50 meters. This waterfall flow of water will eventually merge and become the main source of the river Merawu, one of the tributaries Serayu.
Local community leaders, Mister M Yusuf said, the beauty of which is owned tourist attraction in the village is not comparable with the constraints of inadequate road to get to this attraction. He said he hopes there is a third party that is interested to develop it.
"Therefore, we invite professional investors to
Curug conjure Genting Attraction become a mainstay in Banjarnegara.
Its location is still wide open and the potential to be developed. The place of this nature is not managed by anyone including Banjarnegara regency, "he said.
According to him, the hot springs is also potentially
to serve as a pool. Hot springs with a debit quite large and contains sulfur issued yellow hot springs adds to the beauty of the river rocks Merawu. In addition, the warm water discharge have remained stable despite the long drought is sweeping (Ruhito).

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