Kamis, 21 April 2016

Tourism Village "Curug Muncar" Having Waterfalls and Natural Beauty

Kaliwungu Desa Purworejo district of Bruno has a promising natural potential to be developed into a tourist destination location. Attractions such as the Muncar Curug, has a waterfall with a height of about 100 meters. The natural beauty around curugpun no doubt.

"Village Kaliwungu indeed a poor village, but I do not mind. I remain optimistic to the welfare of society by the efforts which we will develop, including the development of rural tourism," said village chief Kaliwungu Revelation Widayat.

According to him, the village Kaliwungu a border village in the district of Wonosobo. As a gateway to enter the territory of Purworejo, then continue to make improvements. One of them will develop tourist villages with the aim of attraction is the waterfall Muncar.

"Although we are in the border areas but will not be inferior to other villages. We would welcome any other citizens who will travel to the district of Purworejo," said Wahyu.

To be able to reach the location Curug Muncar must walk. Sometimes the tourists also have to walk on the ramp which is quite high. But after arriving Muncar will enjoy the beauty of the waterfall. So it will relieve fatigue and thirst during the journey to the location.

From these locations, visitors can enjoy a beautiful view and could see the cold, clear water and nice to shower. In addition, the Village Kaliwungu the population lives mostly as farmers, visitors can see and enjoy the view of rice fields and unspoilt nature.

Revelation and village residents Kaliwungu committed to developing the potential of the existing village as the gateway into the district of Purworejo from the north. Besides attractions Curug Muncar, the potential to be developed are agriculture, plantation, fisheries and home industries.

Farming developed are the rice plant. Of the area of ​​645.294 ha of land persawahannya reached 14.935 hectares of paddy fields. While its plantation business in the form of fruit trees and perennials. "For the fisheries business is also growing because water is abundant," he said.

As for the home business industry is a growing industry palm sugar. Palm plants in the Village area Kaliwungu quite a lot. Even by the residents was developed as a raw material for palm sugar. Local residents palm sugar production is marketed through the district of Kebumen and Wonosobo.

Kaliwungu village adjacent to the Village Tegalsari in the east, the village Gowong in the south, the village Watuduwur in the west and the village Pengarengan, District Kalibawang, Wonosobo. For a population of 3,752 people spread across five hamlets, five-RW and 20 RT.

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