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Thunderous compound Serayu 23 Jeram, In Banjarnegara City

Rafting on the river Serayu like wading rapids of life, challenging and joyful. Rushing river water, forming rapids with an endless white foam. Jantungpun pounding faster and faster, in tune with the fear that began to penetrate. But so successfully through the rapids, all the tension gave way to excitement.

For those of you who like a challenge, there is an intriguing tourist activity not to be missed when visiting the region Dieng Plateau, Wonosobo. The activities that test your nerve is Serayu River rafting. Serayu is one long river in central Java. The great variation in the river's rapids will make the journey more challenging.

Serayu stems from a tiny springs called Tuk Bima Lukar located in the northwest of Mount Prau, Dieng Plateau. Starting from small springs, Serayu bring the water flow toward the Indian Ocean with a total overall length of about 180 km. Therefore administratively river is included in the rule 5 districts namely Wonosobo, Banjarnegara, Purbalingga, Banyumas and Cilacap.

Serayu slope of about 5 ° -10 °, with a height of about 500 meters above sea level. With the landscape, Serayu have river morphology is very interesting to diarungai. Difficulties or grade level of the river is varied, ranging from grade III to grade IV rapids at certain points or when the rainy season arrives.

Rapids Serayu began to be known by the activists of this activity around the '90s. Starting in 1997, the River Serayu be the location of a rafting race national held by FAJI (Indonesia Rafting Federation). Then in 2007 the National Championship Rafting "Best of the Best" and the biggest event in the river have occurred in 2010 under the name "Champ Australasia". A rafting championship level Asia and Australia.

In the championship the last seven participating countries, and there are three types of techniques that are contested, between multiple other slalom race (into the boat into the goal that has been installed in the body of the river), head to head (clashing between the teams with each other) and down river (rafting the more important as the speed). In addition to these championships, there are still other championship ever conducted in this Serayu River. From the track record, Serayu not be underestimated. This river has a double charm, the landscape is beautiful and thrilling rapids.
Rafting on the river Package Serayu

If you want to do fun rafting on the river Serayu, there are several package options that are provided by local operators. Starting from the shortest packet along 10 km in length takes about 2.5 hours. Grade III + rapids below making it suitable for beginners who have never done rafting. Start rafting in the area The Pikas Adventure Resort and finish in the Surya Yudha Park & ​​Hotel.

The next package within 14 km and takes about 3 hours and had grade 3+. This package is perfect for beginners who have never done rafting but not the high flying hours and want to experience a new sensation in the face of the rapids of the river. Pengarungan starts from the village Bojanegara and finish in the area The Pikas Adventure Resort.

River rafting packages Serayu with medium scale is also available. This medium in the package you will travel a distance of 16 km with a duration of approximately 3.5 hours with grade III +. Packages for medium suitable for you who already have sufficient experience and want to feel more sensation. Start from the village Randengan and finish at The Pikas Adventure Resort.

If you feel less challenging, there is also a rafting Serayu packages that offer rafting with duration of about 4 hours and a distance of 18 km. It is well suited for sports lovers of rafting which already has plenty of experience in their fields. In this package you will start rafting from the village Tunggoro and finish at The Pikas Adventure Resort.

If you're already an expert, then you shall try to pack rafting route farthest and longest voyage which is 26 km dengandurasi approximately 5.5 hours. Starting from Belimbing village, Wonosobo, voyage will end in the village Singamerta, Banjarnegara.

In this pegarungan you will pass about 23 rapids; including rafting starfruit, rafting welcome, rafting stairs (rafting resemble stairs downhill), rafting cawet, rafting gate (resembling a gate in the left and right a large rock), S1 (bends / curves of the river that resembles hurus "S"), S2 , drop / dams, rapids hit, rafting S3, rafting blackout, rafting stone frog, rafting boja, rafting cool, rafting comparison, rafting flipper, rafting Prigi, rafting jebug, rafting double drop, rafting dwi, ​​rafting stone shark, rafting sriking and bamboo rafting which was in Singamerta, Banjarnegara.

There are some interesting rafting locations when you take a package of white water rafting on the River Serayu with a history of travel 26 km. Among them when you start the rafting, you will find Jeram Belimbing. The rapids are located under a highway bridge towards Banjarnegara and form small dams. And there you have to pass through the small dam. Splashes of water caused by water boat collision will you enjoy as an appetizer in rafting.

The next challenge is in Jeram Gate, rafting this will be very adrenaline you because these rapids formed by the presence of two large andesite rock blocking the main stream of the river and has a slope that is enough to add to the strong flow of the river Serayu. When entering this rafting feels terrible because of the narrowness of the path, but after successfully pass you will feel very satisfied. So if you are keen to try out the fun rapids on the river Serayu?
Location and access Serayu River Rafting

Serayu is owned by five districts in Central Java, namely Wonosobo, Banjarnegara, Purbalingga, Banyumas and Cilacap. But for you who want to wade through the rapids on the river Serayu can start from the Village and Village Tunggoro Singomerto, District Sigaluh, Banjarnegara, Central Java. In the village there are some operators who provide rafting River rafting package Serayu.

Tunggoro village is easily reached by public transportation from anywhere. If using the train, you can get off at the Purwokerto Station and continue the journey by bus majors Purwokerto - Wonosobo. If coming from the direction of Semarang you can take the bus majors Semarang - Purwokerto. Well, that is a bit complicated is the journey of Yogyakarta, you have to change buses three times. First you take a bus Jogja - Magelang, followed Magelang - Wonosobo, and the last bus Wonosobo - Purwokerto. Everything fell in the village of Tunggoro.
Tips Rafting on the river Serayu

    Rafting is arguably one of the activities that require a lot of movement and energy. Alngkah good warm up and stretch the muscles before doing the activity of rafting on the river Serayu.
    Serayu have sufficient water flow stable in all weather. So when you want to do rafting on the river Serayu can come anytime. However, during the rainy season the water discharge will surely increase because the entire upstream that leads to Serayu carry more water than usual. At the time it was the rafting grade will increase and more challenging.
    Because rafting / fun rafting on the river Serayu including activities that risk, it must follow the instruction guide / skipper before and during the voyage in order to minimize the occurrence of accidents. You could also enjoy rafting on the river Serayu without anxiety.
    Whitewater rafting is synonymous with wet-basahan. Do not forget to bring a change of clothes and toiletries.
    Because you will panasan sunbathe for a few hours, do not forget to wear sunblock to protect your skin from exposure to direct sunlight. Wear sunblock is waterproof so that your skin does not peel after doing this activity.
    Bring drybag or minimal plastic to secure the luggage when it is brought into the activities fun rafting or river rafting Serayu.

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