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Three "Water Heaven" that Converge at Tirta Giri Banjarnegara

Grujug water slowly sounded menggempita His voice is now silent daritadi eradicate menyelimut my steps along a path ditch in igir-igir hills. The sign, has been close to reaching the waterfall Genting. One among the two waterfall silent sneaking Tirta Giri, Pejawaran Banjarnegara, the southern slopes of the Dieng Plateau. Intrigued me even more upset. Impatient to quickly knelt before him.

Half kilometer walk, I came on a bamboo bridge that crossed over the creek rocky. Aha .. On the left I Curug Genting already faintly visible. Faintly waving his charm. But wait. Patience awhile. I had to take turns crossing a bridge with a citizen who was carrying grass. He after taking the grass of the fields to feed livestock. Sincere smile swell. And, he tells kindly reminded me.

"Be careful, mas. Because deserted. Do kesorean the return. "Message him in dialect Banyumasan or Java Ngapak. Banjarnegara area was included in the area affected Banyumasan Java language.
True he said. The condition is so quiet. Silence. At that time I was like visiting a private space of their own. I was the only visitor. Lunch at the weekend did not make the travelers eager to visit the location that serves a three-course meal in one dish destination charm. There are still a few people who understand, in the remote village of Tirta Giri, district. Pejawaran, there Curug Genting, Hot Springs and Curug Mrawu Tirta Giri is located adjacent Mrawu along the river, a tributary Serayu.

Admittedly, it takes struggle to reach them is not easy. Even if it's a local person Banjarnegara. My friend original Banjarnegara not even know anything about it. City of Banjarnegara is 35 km, to the north, towards the mountains jejalanan Dieng crawl. Until Karangkobar Market, turn right towards Pejawaran. As far as 7 km, to the left of the road there will be a gate Curug.

From here, the road turned bumpy, asphalt peeling. Starting from here, frequently asked residents likely to be found in the fields, planting various vegetables. They will surely be happy to show it. As a tourist destination that has not been raised, still minimal directions.

Passing overlay vegetable planting in the fields of citizens. Adding to the atmosphere of romance roam.
Honestly, it was not going to regret attend struggled to arrive in Curug Genting. Absolutely beautiful, much like what comes to mind. Actually this is my personal imagination space. Splash water spilled from a height of 70 meters. Under the big rocks have welcomed granularity. Green grass looked menghampari rocks on the outside. Aiiih .. I am ceaselessly giving thanks. This became the beginning of my inner satisfaction born.
I'm not old menyigi comely Curug Genting. This is just the first of three charms that will be visited at Tirta Giri. I was moved to the charm of the second step: Hot Springs. From here, the journey through the vegetable fields belonging to residents Tirta Giri. Narrow dike into the street where foot stepped between the cabbage fields, Luncang, capsicum, celery, and others.

Citizens seem eager to care for plants. Occasionally I 'bother' them by throwing a smile and hello. And of course, in his busy, with a exhilaration they smiled and greeted me. A warmth of the people in the cool air of the mountains slopes. On the opposite hillside, carving vegetable fields along with the movement of citizens of the farmers also appear to be a charm that could slash tired.

Hot Giri Tirta welcomed me with a splash of warm water of the rapids. This water comes from the springs on the hillside next to the top. Directly emerged from the bowels of the earth. Its uniqueness, this hot water then flows through a 'road' that is formed from the ground yellowing due to chemical reactions of sulfur. Tirta Giri hills This area is close to the Dieng active. Exactly an intercourse emission of magma hit the fountain. Be created several sources and flow of hot water sticking to the mainland before the next to join this Mrawu river.

I was so pleased when the warm water to wash my face and hands. Smoke from the water vapor is also smooth wiping the face. Not only that, I let the feet continuously tenderly caressed by warm water. Tired of whack the way instantly disappear. Body feels fit as a fiddle. The cool breeze that is present on the slopes increasingly adding more and more I masyuk thrown in at the incredible pleasure. Attend and enjoy the hot water also makes me feel young. Medically, the sulfur content was good for skin care.
Tirta Giri hot water. Flowing. Emerging from the bowels of the earth in the region Tirta Giri. Settled for a hot shower.
This is the path that drains water from the hot springs. Crawl down menjingga yellow form rocks.

Water discharge is so great. SQUIRTS. Although the drought did not affect the hot water discharge Tirta Giri.
I started crossing the embankment between the fields. Needs to continue towards the final destination and the most grand adventure. What else if not Curug Mrawu goal? From Hot Springs is about 200 meters. I'm so excited towards the end of the journey. Far come-from Jogja, solitude, doing private traveling, contemplation, day to indulge, of course I have to finish it perfectly.

Curug Mrawu seemed to have been waiting for my presence of yesteryear. Once arrived, he immediately welcomed me with its panoramic splendor. How extraordinary! Splash water so beautiful with the fall of the water jump on rocks stratified as high as 60 meters. Initially water drops from a single stream. Then, while overwrite the rocks underneath, the water spreads widening to bottom. Pretty centrifuges.
Thus, the first no words in my mouth than "Woow !! Subhan Allah ". I cried out loudly and I'm sure just bluff would listen.

However, the panorama was still a piece of the story. That's not nothing. Curug Mrawu has one more peculiarity not shared any waterfall. On the right the left waterfall, there are hot springs. Extraordinary!! The presence of hot water to make a pool that becomes a waterfall override mixed orange red color. The rocks are scattered enhance the charm.

Who would not be interested to enjoy it? I do not want to be the man who denied God's grace there. I also enjoy wholeheartedly. In sitting on a rock, I am overlooking the waterfall Mrawu letting caressed feet warm and cold water are present simultaneously. Also, many times I smiled to himself, singing his own, sometimes laughing to myself because so excited I 'discovered' Curug Mrawu.

Not far from the waterfall Mrawu there is also a mini waterfall which menggerujug hot water. Enhance Makin 'paradise'

If I may, I will ordain Curug Mrawu be the most beautiful waterfalls number two in Java, after the legendary Niagara Madakaripura on the slopes of Bromo. But of course, a plus that little has touched Curug Mrawu, if it can not be said as the beautiful virgin. This is not just my ego, but really tangible evidence teruntuk grooves Mrawu beautiful waterfall. Oath!!

If I may also, Curug Mrawu deserve a piece of the locations 'paradise' my world. Is not every walker will also need to make 'surga'nya own? The criteria do not need to be complicated. Is not it quite an isolated place, beautiful and calming? In silence, quiet, and myself, an hour there was a pleasure unimaginable. There was no boredom cocker sweet crotch Mrawu along with the surrounding atmosphere. Fuiiih, this being a perfect gift for my birthday.

Remembering message on grass father who passed before, I decided to go home. The sun is already crawling certainly to the western horizon. Now dianya has definitely high veiled hills. Days begin to darken, to meet the twilight. I also left a million Curug Mrawu with a feeling of satisfaction, cheerful and happy.
Because Curug Mrawu lah, I finally found a private room as a gift milad my own. Thanks to Mrawu and natural surroundings on 'paradise' of water. Two waterfalls and an amazing hot water.

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