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The uniqueness of Kailasa Museum Dieng

The uniqueness of Kailasa Museum Dieng
Kailasa Museum is situated in Gedung Arca complex belonging Archaeological Heritage Preservation Hall Central Java. The location of this museum is across the Gatotkaca, Desa Dieng Kulon, District Batur, Kab. Banjarnegara, Central Java. Museum which was inaugurated by the Minister of Culture and Tourism of RI, on July 28, 2008, as an extension of Gedung Arca preexisting. The museum is named Kailasa, according to the name of the mountain abode of Lord Shiva. The name is taken as archaeological Dieng tinged with the worship of Lord Shiva, which can be seen from the enshrinement or inscriptions.

Archeological Museum Kaliasa be evidence of civilization heritage mix between Javanese and Hindu. Kaliasa Museum is the only museum in Dieng is still well maintained. The building is magnificent and is located on the slopes of Mount Semurup were still in the area Dieng Plateau.

Kailasa museum
This Kaliasa Museum contains a gallery of statues, sculptures of various sizes as well as information about the nature reserve, flora and fauna in Dieng. Objects archaeological heritage artifacts that were found on Dieng gradually. At the Museum history movie lovers can also watch the documentary Traces of Civilization Culture Dieng past.

building Museum
Kailasa museum building consists of four main building is a place to store objects of cultural heritage, the place for space information / artifacts on Dieng and the movie about

The museum is kept pretty tight by the officials who always changing shift, given in this museum there are objects that are priceless, historical relics from the ancient Javanese Hindu 7-8 century AD, there is even a special room to store objects -benda relic of history that not just anyone can visit, one of the most unique thing and not found any section is Arca Kudu Indonesia, this statue of a human head shape with a simple ornament and found in several temples in India. In addition there are also Kala kudu Arca makara according to a story some museum guard has a magical element that is when the night is often turned into flames, of course -benda such objects should be stored in a very sheltered and not just anyone can see it for security reasons history.

Meanwhile for the other building which is located on top of the storage statues are always open to the public featuring a documentary film about Dieng and -Touch panel about the ins and outs of Dieng in the form of images, objects, and stories of documentation about the geology, flora and fauna , daily life, beliefs, arts Dieng and local customs.

Amenities Museum Kailasa
The museum building is equipped with various facilities such as toilets, rooms, café, gazebo, and a parking lot. Dieng, toilet buildings and prayer houses and buildings for venues and large meetings, while the other buildings gazebo - a small gazebo at the top that can be used as a place of rest and see a view of the village of Dieng and Arjuna temple complex.

Kailasa Museum is quite crowded by tourists, for those who have enough time can relax in the gazebo top by climbing the stairs by natural stone ornaments look together with the museum building and in the highest places, one can see the lifting of the fog in the temple in the morning before silver sunrise appears illuminate the Dieng plateau, sight is very difficult can be enjoyed from elsewhere, but does this information is not spread out well so infrequently that make this place as favorite place to enjoy a rare sight, especially when the bun policeman came and covered the grass and all the plants in the Dieng plateau, unparalleled scenery like this all seemed white and when fitting the sun appears to be visible reflection of light sheen from the plains who originally met this grass.

Towards Access Kailasa Museum
If you are interested to see the museum collection Kailasa, you do not need to worry because the access road is quite easy. This place was built in a strategic region so that it is easily accessible by the tourists, either by private vehicle or public transportation.

If you decide to drive with public transport, you can get off at the post taxis are located quite close to GangsiranAswatama. After that, you can walk to be able to get to the Museum Kailasa. Meanwhile, if you want to use a personal vehicle, you can park their vehicles across the museum adjacent to the Temple Ghatotkacha.

The museum is open Monday - Sunday, starting at 08:00 to 16:00 pm with a ticket price of Rp5,000 / person.

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