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The beauty of the waterfall Sirawe in Banjarnegara City

Sirawe waterfall is a waterfall located in the hamlet Bitingan, Village Kepakisan, Kecamatran Batur, Banjarnegara district, Central Java Province. Curug Sirawe are in the Dieng plateau with a height of about 80 m. Water falling from this waterfall override rocks and formed a small pool underneath. This waterfall is located in the green mountains with a very beautiful panorama.

To reach this waterfall you can wear a motorcycle or be trekking through the hills sipandu a hill which is said is one of the gates or entrances Dieng area from the north. This waterfall is very unique addition to the surrounding area is still very natural because the plants surrounding it remains really a very diverse vegetation mountain waterfall is also very fascinating because of hot and cold fused into one.

Curug history Sirawe
Based on the waterfall area sirawe entry Sigemplong hamlet, village Pranten, district Onion, Batang district. Because of the history, more people are aware of this waterfall entrance area Banjarnegara, precisely Bitingan village. In the past this waterfall had become a bone of contention two districts, Banjarnegara and Batang. Banjarnegara district party claimed waterfall sirawe as assets because it springs waterfall (in the village Bitingan) enter the territory of Banjarnegara.

Party Batang not just admit the claim, because it is already in the region Batang curugnya. Batang parties argue, if it becomes the property of the waterfall Banjarnegara, Banjarnegara party is not allowed to drain flow the springs of the Bitingan village to the region by the Batang Batang.

So the Banjarnegara district is required to find another way to continue the springs will flow into Banjarnegara own territory, not to regions Batang. Stems are willing to not have a waterfall flowing water Sirawe origin of Banjarnegara region does not flow into the stem region. It is certainly difficult to do, because the basin or a lower area where the fall of water that are all around the area is a region of Batang. The natural appearance of pure natural processes or the extent of God's creation. Apart from the beauty of the waterfall Sirawe history is very impressive.

Curug beauty Sirawe
When you arrive at the location Curug Sirawe, you can feel the sensation of cool and comfortable when you are around the waterfall. Waterfall looks very unique and unique collateral. One of the uniqueness that is owned by this waterfall is there a mix of cold water and hot water, so many visitors who linger to wash your feet while feeling the warmth of the water. Wild trees can flourish around the place because it helped by supply of water from a waterfall. When you looked up, you could see how sturdy and beauty of this waterfall. The flowing water is very clear and white when it should collide with rocks that is passed.

Seeing the beauty and coolness of this waterfall, usually visitors are tempted to tinker with the water and plunge into the pool. Clothes drenched been ignored because they want to release all the tiredness brought when it must pass through the forest. However, you should still be careful when messing with the water because there are many different size stones.

Sometimes it was too slippery rocks and mossy so if you are not careful in choosing the footrest, you can just slip. If you're satisfied, you can continue your narcissistic action with the camera. Lots of the best spots that you could take to a collection of photos when you visit Curug Sirawe.

The return journey you should take is not easy because you have to walk again while climbing the footpath which was delivered you to the location of the waterfall. Better you remove footwear, either sandals or shoes. Otherwise you will be more difficult because you must walk the terrain is not too friendly with you.

Your journey will not be in vain because you have managed to conquer the difficult terrain in Banjarnegara district. One place that is unique and exotic that must be reported to the general public. My advice, prepare your physical first if you do not want to be bothered less tired when you have to walk due to be up and down hills. Have a good vacation.

Towards Curug Sirawe
The trip to the waterfall can be reached by bike and continued on foot. The road to the waterfall untouched paved so that travel will be necessary to struggle. You can use the vehicle of Pawuhan toward Hamlet Hamlet Bitingan, Kepakisan village, Banjarnegara Batur. This path does not pass public transport. Deviation from the junction Hamlet, Karangtengah, transportation provided to the District Batur Village via Kepakisan-Pekasiran only vegetables such as cars and motorcycles.

You also can pass Kepakisan - Crater Sileri - Bitingan. The line was closer than Sigemplong lines. Peeling asphalt roads can still be found from the junction to the village Bitingan Sileri crater. Bitingan village until all the vehicle stopped, to the waterfall continued on foot. Both lanes are equally difficult when entering derivative Sirawe waterfall, especially if the rainy season.

Thick trees that are in front of you also must be conquered to reach the location Curug Sirawe. You must remain cautious in view of the road was not paved and only a path so that when it rains the night before, we can be sure that the access road to the waterfall area became slippery and full of puddles.

There are the photos of waterfall Sirawe:

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