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The beauty of Niagara Wana Tirta in Banjarnegara City

Wana Tirta waterfall is located in the village of Panusupan, District Purbalingga Rembang district, Central Java province. This tourist attraction officially become a new tourist rides in Purbalingga district is ready to offer to tourists. Tirta Wana waterfall is a waterfall with a height of 16 meters and is based on research by experts, the water can be drunk directly because it comes from infiltration rocks. This place has been unveiled by Bupati Purbalingga Sukento Rido Marhaendrianto while inaugurating Wana Tirta as a vehicle for travel on Tuesday 10 February, 2015.

Four villages in Purbalingga, set up a joint tourism development in the concept of "Mampirtapa". Mampirtapa an abbreviation of the names of four villages in the district of Rembang, Village Tomb, Village Sumampir, Tanalum Village, and Village Panusupan. The idea of ​​joint tourism development came after an agreement antarempat village head. The concept of community-based tourism development along it promotes natural attraction, the potential of culture, art, and local wisdom.
waterfall wanatirta

The concept is expected to be run after the opening of a new bridge in the form of arch bridge that connects the village Panusupan and Village Graveyard. Rural Development and Rural Tourism Panusupan Tanalum has inspired neighboring villages to optimize existing potential for tourism.

Panusupan village was already known by the grave of Sych religious tourism in Bukit Jambu Karang Ardi Lawet, and supported by cultural arts Dayakan travel, kotekan Dimples, Tirta Wana travel waterfall, and a number of other natural beauty. The village then known as the village Tanalum thousand waterfall and presenting a marvelous nature.

Sumampir village, potential for development thanks to the enthusiasm of its citizens to build an "ciblon". Tomb village known as the stone craftsmen akiknya that would give more support to tourists who want to visit buying souvenirs agate.

Besides the waterfall, one of the very attractive folk art is art Dayakan. Art Dayakan a folk performing arts in Panusupan Tourism Village, District of Rembang, turned out to be its own attraction for tourists. Ireng mask art presented in the villages of Mount Merapi-Merbabu. The difference, Dayakan performed by children and accessories are used also tend to be natural.
dance agriculturally
Faces of the children who will dance empowering, painted using charcoal. Facial appearance as similar to the board (of the forest). The dancer's body by accessories with herbaceous foliage and yellow coconut. Grass that is used is not arbitrary that Kapulata grass. Average tetabuan be gong, gong, and a bucket.

Dayakan dance is a dance handed down from ancestors, it's just has not shown. Dayak called, because it seems the people here had come from the pedestal (forest),

The grass is used as a dance form of grass Kapulata property. This implies the use of grass later lives of the people in the village can be arranged. All her life organized and well ordered. Then grass Japakrias which implies the convening of this dance it all convulsions or diseases may be lost. Medium yellow leaf ning meaningful sejane nur (toward reaching the light of the Divine), and yellow colors meaningful word dadi (generated from the heart / soul nodes).

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