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The beauty charm Merdada Lake in Banjarnegara City

The beauty charm Telaga Merdada in Banjarnegara City
Merdada lake located in the village Karangtengah, District Batur, Banjarnegara district, Central Java province. The lake is located in the Dieng Plateau is a paradise for mountain tourism based on the beauty of nature. Besides the view of a row of solid hills stretches, Dieng also has a lake-lake with views of the exotic. Besides the beauty of the legendary Telaga Warna,

Telaga Merdada with no less captivating scenery is very interesting to visit. Merdada lake is the largest lake in the Dieng Plateau. This lake has a catchment area of ​​about 75 ha, with an area of ​​approximately 22 ha puddle. Telaga Merdada contoured like on a former basin caldera volcanic eruptions. The contours of the basin will be apparent when you climb the hills around the lake. Telaga Merdada background does have a beautiful view, surrounded by a row of hills, rows of vegetable plantations owned by residents, as well as a mini forest expanse around the hill. Vegetable gardens owned by residents other than lie around the hills, is also located on the outskirts of the lake.

Telaga Merdada has two functions, namely as a tourist location and source of irrigation for agriculture locals. In the vicinity of the lake is visible pipes that drain water from the lake to get to the fields belonging to the people. Agriculture is the livelihood of the community staple in this Dieng Plateau. It is said that the water in the lake is never subsided Merdada despite entering the dry season and vacuumed constantly to the needs of irrigation fields.

The beauty of Telaga Merdada
Merdada lake as seen from the tourism potential of this lake. Besides having a cool air, beautiful scenery, the lake is also equipped with a motor boat rental facility to surround the lake. This lake also spread seeds of freshwater fish that can be fished. When I came to this lake looks a gentlemen were busy fishing at the edge of this lake.

It's very quiet and charming so you can enjoy a very beautiful charm. Aura water color silvery add atmosphere of calm and cool. Furthermore, the area was quite close to the mountains and hills that direct cool air greets your arrival.

The origins of the name associated with the story Ponds Merdada puppetry. Where a sage named Gautama who have twins named Guwarsi and Guwarso, and a daughter named Anjani. Dewi Anjani often saw her mother holding and staring at a bead cupu Astina (shaped like cups belonging to the Gods). One day, he asked his mother for permission to borrow cupu beads. His twin sister who has a penchant for hunting that was curious about what was seen by his sister.

Finally, the third son Rishi Gautama was fought to get cupu beads. Annoyed, the sage eventually throw cupu beads into a creek that eventually named Lake Merdada. He also told the children that anyone can catch it will be able to have it. All three also eventually compete to get heirlooms belonging to the gods.
lake Merdada
And on the way, they 'ngadem' and rest while washing face. But, what happens is instantaneous their faces turned into apes. Since that time, they are aware that greed is what led them to disaster. Finally, the three decided to become a servant and devoted my life for good.

When you are in the area of ​​Lake Merdada, you can see a lake surrounded by cliffs and hills are still green. To enjoy the beauty of the lake you are required to go down hill since the area is quite flat. In addition, many local residents were fishing in the lake for many freshwater abundant life. The atmosphere of the lake was so cool and calm because this place as by isolation from the outside world with hills and mountains as patron.

Ponds Merdada in tourist locations is also provided other facilities such as boats. Boats that can be used by the end if they are interested surround the lake. Moreover, because of its natural beauty, around Telaga Merdada is also often used as a place to camp.

Price of admission
For those of you who are interested to visit this Merdada lake, here's some information about Telaga Merdada. The admission price is very affordable Merdada Ponds namely Rp5,000 / person, while parking fees for motor Rp1,000 and Rp2,000 for cars.

Towards Access Locations
Quite easily find the location of this lake, from the direction Dieng stayed just take the road to market Batur. This pathway is usually crowded minibus passed by. After passing through the village field Karangtengah on the right side of the road, straight bit to find a gate that read Ponds Merdada left of the road.

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