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Surya Yudha Park, Beautiful Place in Banjarnegara

Surya Yudha Park is a tourist rides located at Jl. Rejasa Banjarnegara, Central Java Province. There is a variety of interesting places filled with adventure and excitement. Surya Yudha Park, recreational vehicle that can be enjoyed by all visitors by playing with water. Enjoy the fresh air and menikati the challenges that exist in each each - each bathing pool, making a sensation for every visitor. Surya Yudha be one option for holidays for individuals, families, communities, institutions to corporations.

Surya Yudha Park is the largest water park in Central Java. The amount of water park seen through a wide area of ​​use. Surya Yudha Water Park has an area of ​​about 2 hectares, including a hotel, a sports center, karaoke, and rafting.

solar yudha
If you want to see the Statue of Liberty, in this place there is the Statue of Liberty and the Merlion. Both the statue was completed in the wake of the December 2012. Situated in the tourist area of ​​integrated Surya Yudha Park Banjarnegara, the statue has become a main attraction for local communities and other travelers.

Amenities at Surya Yudha Park
Water rides Surya Yudha Park Banjarnegara present provide comfort, joy and challenge in one place. As an integrated tourist destination, Surya Yudha Park is ideal for an individual vacation, families, communities, institutions, and corporations.

Many facilities are able to enjoy my friend in Surya Yudha Park concept is somewhat similar to a lazy river Owabong Purbalingga. The facilities offered by the management include:

  1.     Hotel 3 only in Banjarnegara. Surya Yudha Hotel has 101 rooms ranging from Standard, Superior, Deluxe, Executive, Family, Royal Suite and Presidential Suite. Rate starts from Rp. 200,000 / night.
  2.     Water Parka 7 pools equipped with 7 variations in depth. Equipped Tsunami Wave Pool, the largest artificial wave pool in Central Java. There is also a fish therapy pool.
  3.     MICE (Meeting, Incentive, Conference and Exhibition). Give more value to the academic, business, and social. Surya Yudha MICE provides a space with a capacity of 25, 50, 100, 150, 250, and 1000 people.
  4.     Surya Yudha more complete with Karaoke. There are 10 room with quality sound system, 42-inch LCD TV, and a touchscreen monitor.
  5.     Surya Yudha Park ready to host outbound, good for children, adolescents, and adults, from the level of fun (without risk), intermediate, semi extrem, until extrem. Arena outbound of 17,000 meters equipped longest flying fox in Java. Spectacular stage measuring 14 x 16 m equipped stands with a capacity of 5000 people.
  6.     There are wooden and synthetic futsal field, indoor and outdoor volleyball, table tennis, badminton, tennis, and golf.
  7.     You can enjoy the river flows Serayu, one of the largest rivers in Indonesia. Tracing the trajectory along 10 KM for 2-3 hours, you will enjoy the exciting rapids.
  8.     Manasik travel, religious education with a miniature replica of the Hajj and Umrah to the Ka'bah, the tunnel mina, where sya'i, stoning of the devil and a tent before staying.

Towards Surya Yudha Park
Solar Judah Park location is very strategic and easy to reach either by public transport or private vehicles. We can reach this location approximately 1 km to the north of the square Banjarnegara. To achieve Surya Yudha Park you can start from square - Banjarnegara square. From the square - the square you move to the north or the road to Dieng for 800 meters and Surya Yudha's where the park is located.

You only need to set aside funds amounting to Rp 20,000 per person to enter Surya Yudha Park. If you are carrying a child, then there are additional funds of Rp 15,000 per child you must pay.

Address: Jl. Raya Rejasa 53 482 Banjarnegara, Central Java.
Telephone Number (0286) -594 298
SMS Center: 0813-939-66277
Email: [email protected]

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