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Sikopel Waterfall, The Beautiful Place in Banjarnegara City

Niagara Sikopel located in the village of Babadan, District Pagentan, Banjarnegara district, Central Java province. Waterfall which has a height of about 70 meters that offers panoramic natural cool and beautiful. It's ideal when you enjoy it with family, friends or relatives to spend the holiday weekend, while occasionally trying freshness of water tipped in this Sileri crater.

Curug Sikopel may not currently widely known as a tourist attraction plateau Dieng, Batur or TRMS Serulingmas. Besides you can enjoy the freshness of waterfalls and beautiful sights, you have the opportunity to watch a herd of wild monkeys. Normally, the monkeys were seen in the morning or afternoon on the trail to the waterfall or land owned by citizens, as they search for food. But you do not get close to just food. The animal will usually go straight away at the sight of humans.

Curug beauty Sikopel
For you lovers of water attractions, is incomplete if you have not been to a tourist attraction waterfall Sikopel or better known as the waterfall Sikopel. You can feel the cold water while soaking this Sikopel Curug, let the whole body wet with water. According to local residents, the water in this waterfall is believed to make ageless. Besides the scenery around the waterfall is also very interesting. Green expanse of vegetation around the falls make you feel at peace.

According to the story surrounding communities, charismatic Regent Banjarnegara R. Aria Soemitro Kolopaking, is said to have meditated in the cave that was tucked behind the waterfall. When meditating that, he get a coupling of horses, horse or rope regulator controls. Then, the waterfall was named Sikopel.

Other sights that you can enjoy is behind the waterfall there is a cave in which there are rats that are rarely found anywhere. The unique rodent nesting in the cave behind the waterfall.

The waterfall is on holidays many visitors are coming and sometimes bring home the waterfall water is put into jerry cans or special container. Freshness of Curug Sikopel into its own suggestion for those who drink it. In addition to local tourists Banjarnegara, tourists from a number of regions and major cities also often come to witness the beauty of the waterfall Sikopel.

Support facility will be good enough. There is lodging if there intending to stay around the waterfall. But be careful if you visit each other to the waterfall tourist area Sikopel, ask in advance to guard whether the situation is safe or not. Because if it rains the road slippery, especially vehicle security check tire conditions. Fairly difficult terrain and a lot of sharp turns and steep climbs. Natural tourist interest near this location is Curug Pitu located in Kemiri Sigaluh District of Banjarnegara.

Towards Curug Sikopel
To get to the waterfall you can climb Sikopel private vehicles. The distance is about 8 kilometers west of the District Office Pagenthan. You can enjoy the natural scenery of the countryside and the activities of residents in mountainous areas on the way to the location. Moreover, the public response to the strangers around pretty good. Entering the gates of waterfall Sikopel, you can already hear the roar of the waterfall with a depth of about ten meters.

If from tourist sites Dieng only takes approximately one hour. The road to the location is quite winding through the hills. Furthermore, from the entrance of this journey continues to walk about 25 minutes down to the bottom.

Tickets and parking
Entrance ticket is Rp 2,000 per person.

There are photos of Sikopel Waterfall:


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