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Reservoir Beauty Mrica Banjarnegara

Reservoir is a hydroelectric power Mrica Panglima Sudirman, located in District Onion and Wanadadi, Banjarnegara district, Central Java province. Mrica reservoir created by damming serayu river, submerging 32 villages in seven districts fertile. This reservoir is located approximately 10 km to the west Banjarnegara and is the largest artificial lake in Southeast Asia which stem Serayu.

Reservoir Mrica noted to have a length of 6.5 km, with an area of ​​1,250 ha reservoir. Aside from being a regulator and supplier of water to irrigation canals to irrigate the paddy fields in the region of Banjarnegara, this dam has a hydroelectric power plant capable of supplying electricity amounted to 184.5 MW to the Java Bali.

Reservoir beauty Mrica
Mrica reservoirs are artificial reservoirs by damming a river that crosses the region Serayu Banjarnegara. Reservoir Mrica the use of which was inaugurated by President Soeharto in 1989, not only serves as hydroelectric power, but more broadly for the benefit of farmers as a means to stabilize the flow of irrigation water to the rice fields that lie in the region of Banjarnegara.

The atmosphere at tourist locations reservoir Mrica pretty cool, because a lot of overgrown trees that shade. Reservoir scenery is also very charming, as if she were on the edge of the beach, the water is very vast expanse of the reservoir tip barely visible. The day of regular was not too crowded, almost deserted.

Banjarnegara typical cuisine can also be enjoyed in this tourist area, Ice Dawet Ayu and meatballs are usually the choice of the visitor, for tempeh mendoan warm snack is very delicious. There is also a pancake, the food is very typical for materials and manufacturing is still very traditional, thus presenting the original flavor.

If you're on the edge of the reservoir, as if she were on the beach, because the water is very broad expanse. Even the opposite end of the existing reservoirs barely visible. Guaranteed you'll stand for long, let alone the outskirt of the reservoir and surrounding area, many tumbuhi shady trees. Making the weather here is cool and fresh.

Tourism Facilities Reservoir Mrica
Mrica reservoir is a very attractive tourist sites, as well as a very wide expanse of water, there are also hills lush with trees and beautiful and lush. You can walk around the reservoir while enjoying panoramic surrounded by hills. Mrica Reservoir is also equipped with a wide range of tourist facilities which make it one of the favorite tourist attractions family. You can ride a boat, fishing, to play golf.

Travel water in reservoirs Mrica is boating / speedboat around the reservoir, sports canoeing, fishing and a mini train ride around the arena. Also available is a playground for children and entertainment stage. The location is very attractive because it is hilly and lush with trees and beautiful views of the dam and beautiful.

Towards Reservoir Mrica
To reach the tourist sites is very easy access, because the main entrance was on track highway in Banjarnegara district. From the city center of Banjarnegara about 9 km towards the west to the city of Purwokerto / Banyumas

There are the photos of Mrica:

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