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Pitu waterfall, The Beautiful Place in Banjarnegara

Curug Pitu Banjarnegara

 Curug Pitu located in Kemiri, District Sigaluh, Banjarnegara district, Central Java Province. Curug Pitu is a natural attractions with the main attraction in the form of waterfalls of seven pieces composed storey waterfall from the top down. Pitu curug name given because of the seven-storey waterfall (Java: Pitu). Between the first waterfall to waterfall The seven who were in the bottom have a height that is different and each has its own beauty that is very exotic.

From the first waterfall, you can watch the waterfall with the flow of water large enough. On either side are still unexploited forests are dominated by perennials. Many also a durian tree. If you want to see the waterfall on it, you have to climb the trail on the right road. There are stairs fairly easy hike. Each about 50 meters, the second waterfall and so was waiting.

The beauty of Curug Pitu
Witnessing waterfalls, terraced very rare in Indonesia. Curug Pitu is one of the waterfalls and even up to seven levels. The beauty of the waterfall Pitu no doubt you will be enchanted by the beauty that is in the waterfall. The location of this waterfall is also quite challenging.

Curug Pitu around the site there is also a camping spot that is often used by the travelers to enjoy the charm of the nearby waterfall. The peaceful atmosphere and fresh you can enjoy when the sun comes out from behind the mountain.

When you first get in the neighborhood Curug Pitu, you'll be greeted by a gate that is located adjacent to the Village Hall Sigaluh with the inscription "Curug Pitu: Nature Tourism".

Water in Curug Pitu generally very clear as mountain water conditions. If you want to enjoy the waterfall with a height of 50 meters overall, you have to walk up the stairs. Access roads were quite slippery and narrow, you need to be extra careful if you do not want to slip. Their rungs that have been provided, making it easier to step foot can get to the very top.

Each level has its own beauty waterfall. In each 50-meter ascent, you will be greeted by each waterfall with beauty and charm. When you reach the sixth waterfall, you will see a waterfall where the water is not as swift as the waterfall at the bottom. On the fourth level, which is the place fairly gentle. You can continue your adventure leading to the top of the waterfall.

Once you are enjoying the beauty of each waterfall, if you are interested to bring souvenirs typical of this place. The location of this waterfall is close to the center of the estate pondoh. In the durian fruit season, along the road leading to the area of ​​Curug Pitu also many vendors who sell fruit durian.

Supporting existing facilities such as toilets, showers, rooms, dining, and parking lots have been provided, but the condition is slightly less good.

Towards Curug Pitu
To reach the location is also not difficult. Access roads leading to Curug Pitu fairly easy to reach although the road is not so wide, both two-wheelers or cars. Although not as wide and as good as the access road to Dieng, but the road has been paved hotmik. Likewise, the path to the waterfall has been cemented.

Curug Pitu is about 10 km from the town of Banjarnegara eastwards. Can be reached by driving two wheels and four for about 10-15 minutes from the fork in the road Tekidadi located in the province of Banjarnegara - Wonosobo. The entrance to the waterfall is marked with a sign saying Curug Pitu tourist places are located right next to the Village Hall Sigaluh.

Access to the Curug Pitu very easy. You can pass through the provincial road Wonosobo - Banjarnegara. This location can be reached within 20 minutes from the West (Cilacap, Banyumas, Purwokerto, and Purbalingga). With ticket prices Rp.4.000 you can enjoy the beauty of Curug Pitu.

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