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Pick Your Own Strawberry Gardens in Banjarnegara

Strawberry Gardens is located on the east side at the foot of Mount Slamet precisely Pratin, Serang Village, District Karangreja Purbalingga regency, Central Java. approximately 1 hour drive from Kota Purbalingga. Purbalingga it is not only synonymous with the sights Owabong only. But there are more interesting to visit, namely Agro garden strawberry. This area is located on a mountain slope Slamet with a cool air and beautiful natural scenery.

One appeal of the location of these attractions is the facility's own direct quotation in the plantations. Visitors can pick and enjoy strawberries straight from the garden while enjoying the natural scenery. But unfortunately, you are not allowed to take out of the garden strawberry. If you are interested in buying a strawberry, you can buy in a location that has been provided.
In the gardens, visitors can pick their own strawberries there. But not recommended to be eaten immediately but must be washed first. Visitors who will pick the fruit can bring a plastic basket to collect the desired fruit. Each farmer sometimes have a supply of strawberries from other gardens. So if the garden the visitor was not a lot of fruit, visitors can still have the opportunity to enjoy this fresh strawberry fruit. Do not worry, even if it is not the fruit season strawberry supplies persist despite the fruit may not come from the orchard.
Strawberry season

You should visit this Agrowista in around June, July, August. That's when fruiting strawberry being the maximum. Although each year the plant strobery only do 1 change plants, namely in January generally, and in March has borne fruit, and the fruit will continue until December.

Strawberries not only tourists can buy vegetables such as cabbage, cauliflower, muncang / leek, carrot, welok, mustard, and many others. The weather was hot, but the temperature was over 28 degrees, it makes tourists comfortable to linger in this garden. The atmosphere is calm, smooth paved road access, and air is very cool distinctive mountains.

As it is known that this area is also a supplier of vegetables for Banyumas and surrounding area including the area to the north coast around Tegal and Pekalongan. In this garden visitors can see the atmosphere of the vegetable garden and allowed to pick their own vegetables you want to take home. Vegetable prices here obviously much cheaper when compared to the prices in the market. For large traders usually buy in wholesale.

For those who want to bring as souvenirs are also provided strawberries are sold per kilo, but most are sold per plastic packaging containing as many as 20 pieces of strawberry fruit. Fruits are packed this has been cut from the leaves and have it cleaned so it's ready to eat. Prices of strawberries here sometimes relatively not much different from the market price at the supermarket, but here visitors can privilege to view or pick their own fruit as desired.

Spending time at this location can be prolonged. Three hours will suffice for a stroll in the garden is very beautiful. Besides the friendliness of the population also makes us feel at home in the area there. But if desirable any longer enjoy the atmosphere there or wants to spend the holidays in this location also provided a few houses that can be rented.

The landscape is so beautiful.

In some courtyard houses are often seen many trees colorful flowers typical mountain area. Flowers are the most attention include amethyst flowers and dahlias. In addition there are many shrubs typical flowers like flowers of three colors, red bush flower, gladiolus and a variety of other flower varieties.

Cone-shaped flowers are flowers of plants amethyst with a height of about 1-2 meters. Young orange flowers are widely seen hanging on the tree stem. For certain people often take advantage of this amethyst seed to be abused as a material which is hallucinogenic. Only the dose is so low that not many do.

Another interesting flowers are dahlias. This flower is very many kinds there are stacks there are single, there is a small great. Dahlia flower color is also varied as white, red, blue, yellow, purple, pink and others. This flower is actually easily propagated by using tubers roots, but can only grow when planted in areas with altitudes above 1000 meters and cold temperate areas only.

Heading into the garden location Strawberry

To get to the strawberry farm is not difficult, especially if you have your own vehicle. From Owabong, point your vehicle about 5 km to the Mrebet. Pertigaan last before the gas station, you will see the board welcome to the site of Wana and gardens Strawberry. Next, follow the path up to the destination location.
Purbalingga distance of approximately 25 kilometers using the hot mix asphalt but narrow and uphill. The path weaved with natural scenery is very beautiful village. You can take the path to Purbalingga by passing the District Mrebet to get to Serang or Karangareja Kutabawa as the capital district. Additionally, you can also pass through the path to Lawa Cave because of its location which is above the cave.
If you come from Purwokerto city you can take the path Sokaraja Purbalingga-Mrebet-Karangreja. If you are in you can Lokawisata Baturaden Baturaden route through north-Limpakuwus but this route is very quiet because it's not a common pathway.

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