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Nature Segara Chicks Cilacap, close to banjarnegara

Nature Segara Chicks Cilacap, close to banjarnegara
Segara Chicks located behind Nusakambangan Cilacap district, Central Java province. Segara is a word derived from the Javanese language, which means it is the sea. A unique lagoon on the south coast of Java with the ecosystem of mangrove swamps (mangrove) which has a complete composition and forest structure in Java. Region Segara Chicks is a meeting place for three (3) major rivers, namely Sungai Citanduy, Cibereum River and Cikonde River and other small rivers.

This area is also the liaison economic movements and public water transportation from Cilacap to Pangandaran. Various components of biological resources such as flora, habitat for many species of fauna, the landscape of land and water that forms a natural ecosystem. Panorama presents a unique landscape and an amazing view. Enjoy the unique blend of beauty and exciting adventure full of nuances.

The beauty of Segara Chicks
Down Segara Chicks Cilacap, we would like to be in the maze of mangrove plants in the water with the right and left as far as the eye can see. Marine natural resources and ecosystems can be developed as a tourist attraction at the same nautical education tourism.
segara saplings
Besides having the potential wealth of the lagoon ecosystem, Segara Chicks Cilacap located adjacent to reclaiming the island has a special attraction for tourists, so down Segara Chicks while also witnessing Nusakambangan close. Along the path traversed to Segara Chicks is also a path to Kampung Laut, a district located outside the mainland area of ​​Cilacap. The uniqueness of Kampung Laut people's lives could be supporting the appeal of nautical tourism in Cilacap.

Kampung Laut is the name of a district located on the north western tip of the island of Nusakambangan, precisely in the Village Klaces. Kampung Laut made up of four villages, or villages, each of which is the village of Ujungalang, Crow Edge, Panikel, and Klaces being Kampung Laut subdistrict.

Along the way to Kampung Laut, tourists are treated to views of reclaiming the island with buildings Prison Area Pertamina oil refinery, oil ships passing, boats Fishermen and mangrove forest on either side. When arriving Germplasm Center Study Mangrove Conservation Indonesia, tourists can take a stroll along the tracking area for a close look at the various types of plants Mangrove, Mangrove planting seedlings, and enjoy seafood dishes that can be ordered to residents of Kampung Laut.

Another alternative of maritime tourism activities in Cilacap is down Segara Chicks go directly to one of the villages in the hometown of Sea and do activities together with residents or communities Kampung Laut. It would be more satisfactory if staying overnight in Kampung Laut. Travelers can see and engage directly with people's daily activities there such as fishing, searching for crabs, planting mangrove seedlings, rice farming, making palm sugar, and watch traditional arts of Kampung Laut.

Segara Chicks is a natural laboratory for researchers at home and abroad from various disciplines, among others, biology, geology, physics, social, economic, cultural, and legal. The mangrove ecosystem Segara Chicks concerning the life cycle of fish, shrimp, crabs and other fauna, such as birds and various reptiles. This lagoon is a breeding ground for children of marine animals before then out through the mouth of the lagoon to the open sea, the Indian Ocean.

As a means of marine transport between the districts and the centers of the crowd on the edge of western, southern and eastern waters Segara Chicks, the lagoon is very vital. Another potential is the tourism strong appeal. In the 1980s, at Segara Chicks are 26 species of mangrove plants with three types of vegetation (plants). The most dominant types of fires, mangroves, and cancang (Bruguiera gymnonthiza) is often used to frame residents of the building houses on stilts.

The uniqueness of the lagoon ecosystem Segara Puppies can be seen from the presence of the organisms, one of which is eel. This fish contains DHA almost doubled compared to the usual fish. Of the 12 species of eels in the world, seven of which were developed in this area. Because of the importance role, Conservation Agency Segara Chicks and reclaiming the lagoons is split into three sections: a core zone, a transition zone, and the utilization zone.

Towards Segara Chicks
To go Segara Puppies can through the two ports. Sleko first port named port located in the center of Cilacap. In this port, there is a base motorboat usually called compreng, which can take visitors to Kampung Laut. Visitors can choose to hire compreng, or use a regular compreng cheaper, with consequence and the limited time. From Sleko towards Kampung Laut, will take about 90 minutes.

The second port is located in the district of Ciamis, West Java Province, directly adjacent to Cilacap. Of Ciamis, Segara Puppies can be entered from Majingklak. In Majingklak also a compreng rentals that are cheaper than in Sleko, and the travel time to Kampung Laut shorter, only about 20 minutes.

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