Jumat, 29 April 2016

Fun Gowes Bukit Asmara Situk, Amazing Place in Banjarnegara City

Sunday, February 28, 2016, As usual addicts mountain bike activity fun cycling Banjarnegara, Banjarnegara this time goweser be cycled to Bukit Asmara Travel Situk located in the village Kalilunjar, District Banjarmangu, Kab. Banjarnegara.
Right At 07.00 pm the goweser Banjarnegara Banjarnegara gathered at Alun Alun, do not forget Prior fun cycling Bicycle Community's invocation was given first so fluency in order to place the destination safely.

Although the pathway for many incline towards the place of destination, but will not deter to keep biking. Jefri Prahatamo one cyclist said "Travel to Bukit Asmara Situk if motor vehicle use is common, Biking To Bukit Asmara Situk it was wonderful, because we are different" He said aloud. Only by paying five thousand rupiah, visitors will be presented with a wonderful spectator from the top of the hill
Bukit travel romance situk or better known as resembling B.A.S Kalibiru Yogyakarta travel, and Hill at Panusupan Purbalingga. This hill is situated Above times Mrawu. and up the hill to tourists have to walk about a half hour or forty-five menitan, BAS are currently doing renovations and adding rides Flying Fox to be the main attraction.
Many say that the Mount romance situk photographed with his partner, will make the relationship becomes Lasting.

Although travel is still relatively new, but saudah many tourists from outside the region as of Wonosobo, Purbalingga, Purwokerto, Banyumas, and cilcacap, probably by promoting travel is not impossible Bukit romance situk this into a tourist Popular Area Barlingmascakeb (Banjarnegara, Purbalingga, Banyumas , Cilacap, Kebumen).

The goweser Banjarnegara very satisfied, and a sense of tired terbayarkan with the beauty of the hills situk romance, besides exercising, biking will establish a sense of kinship in Community Gowes this Banjarnegara.
Salam Gowes

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