Minggu, 24 April 2016

Forest Tourism Lawar that educate and Mental's Test

Not all travel treats around the mine is purely natural dish from the outset based on beauty. Forest Tourism Lawar initiated with the spirit of providing education about the importance of nature conservation. Since 2008, wanawisata not far from the beach Lawar was developed by the Foundation for Development of West Sumbawa (YPSB) which is under the auspices of CSR PT NNT. Forest Tourism Lawar sweet overlaid on an area of ​​13 hectares on the contour that blends between flat and hilly.

Bootcampers came when Forest Tourism Lawar seemed deserted. Understandably, only a weekend, Saturday-Sunday, this destination will usually crowded with visitors on average come from Sumbawa and West Sumbawa. Still, we found applause from various plants, such as mahogany, jackfruit, Jabon, cherry, orange, and bungir. Forest Tourism Lawar is projected as the development of local wood, mini botanical garden and the herb for medicinal plants. Forest Tourism Lawar collaboration with Community Development (Community Development) PT NNT in Maluk in the supply of seeds of plants.

A visit to the Forest Tourism Lawar not merely a matter of nature education. Since the beginning of 2015 initiated a challenging adrenalin adventure-based travel. There are various means of outbound worth a try to test your nerve. Who would dare to try the thrill of Flying Fox, Suspension Bridge, Bridge spider webs, Water Tower, and various other challenging rides? Fun, travelers can also do activities camping in Forest Tourism Lawar while mengakrabi biological wealth.

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