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Dringo most beautiful lake in Banjarnegara City

Indonesia did not fail to unexplored natural beauty, gausah far away to East Indonesia, which is already famous for its natural beauty and culture. Java is actually a lot of beautiful places and not many people know. Have you ever heard of Telaga Dringo? yes beautiful lake is located on the island of Java, precisely in Batang and border Banjarnegara in Central Java. Dringo lake is actually not far from the attractions in Dieng, to after Candradimuka crater at Dieng.

For those who traveled to Central Java Dieng, time to come and see this Dringo Ponds. Dringo lake because the location is actually not far from the tourist area of ​​Dieng, although the lake is located in the district of Batang and border Banjarnegara. when I wanted to come here are many who say the lake dringo as Ranu Kumbolo KW, KW say because almost similar to Ranu Kumbolo in East Java. whereas when I come here anyway is not the same, the same which I agree is a beauty.

For those who visit Dieng, layout Dringo lake is actually close to the tourist area. Dieng Plateau is the second highest plateau in the world in human habitation, the first order of his is occupied by Nepal / Tibet. Administratively Dieng Plateau covers the village of Dieng Kulon, District Batur, Banjarnegara and Dieng Wetan, District Kejajar, Wonosobo regency. The layout of the Dieng Plateau is also located between Mount Sindoro complex and Sumbing. Dieng Plateau are many lakes and Dringo there is one of the most beautiful lakes in this area.

Ponds Dringo Dringo name taken from plants that grow naturally around the lake, then by the local community in the call Dringo lake. The highest lake in the Dieng Plateau has a very spectacular scenery, many visitors who come for camping and enjoying the cool air to blow through the valley. Although access to the lake is not good enough and the instructions were inadequate but did not dampen the spirits of tourists to visit to enjoy its beauty.

The natural beauty of the road leading to the lake Dringo also very beautiful. if we are to Dieng will briefly remember if we visit Mount Bromo, right hand side of the road a lot of beautiful scenery that soothes the eyes and very attractive landscape photography for photographers. Dringo lake is located quite close to the churning, legend Candradimuka crater is a place Ghatotkacha dipped. so Gatotkaca invulnerable weapons possessed supernatural powers, except ankle legs because only parts that are not immersed in parts of the crater. Dringo lake is a tourist destination that is not yet a lot of people visit, because the access road is very ride, soil and rocks to get to the lake Dringo ever we must again treking for 20 minutes and rocky dirt road. but you are not yet full Dieng if you have not yet visited this Dringo Ponds although this lake located in Banjarnegara. The best time to visit the lake dringo this is the morning after sunrise. and the weather here is very cold.

There is only one entrance to enjoy this dringo lake, road to Banjarnegara. dringo road to the lake is very small, perhaps just enough one car only. and if there was another car passing in the opposite direction then one of the cars had to succumb and resign so that the road can be passed two cars. I strongly recommend to use the car as high as Terios Xenia, do not attempt to try to use a sedan. because the paths to the lake this dringo is rising, and the road is still steep and rocky soil. if you use much less capacious sedan lot, get ready deh hehe gasrok underneath. but if you come here want to bring the motor moped or motorcycle clutch everything is safe, just do not speeding speeding because many farmers activity here.

My whole lake to dringo, indeed the most appropriate moment is in the morning. because Dieng if it has passed from 10 am usually foggy, and the best moment to enjoy the lake dringo if we are camping here. weather that night was so cold, even colder than Dieng. but if you want to keep these messages camping me yes, because this area is not regulated hygiene place by society and government. if you run a camper, bring a turning garbage bins. for sustainability and beauty of this lake dringo maintained.

to enjoy the best view of the lake dringo was at the time of sunrise, dringo lake surrounded by hills which directly overlooks Dieng. yeah when sunrise beauty of the lake is not visible as it is covered hill, but at the time of sunrise you have to walk and trekking slightly toward the hill to get a view behind the hill scenery Dieng charming, after enjoying the sunrise the natural beauty of Dieng then we go down in the morning while enjoying a cup of coffee hot. it is not one I would call dringo most beautiful lake on the island of Java.

My chance to Telaga Dringo together with friends from Kaskus Traveler Forum, a series of events voluntourism Workshop held by the Traveller Forum Kaskus in Semarang and Yogyakarta. during a roadtrip bring a car Terios is also one of our sponsors from Jakarta around the island of Java at the same time explore the beauty and attractions that not many people know the island of Java.

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