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Dawet Ayu, Fresh Identity From Banjarnegara City

 Typical. The specificity is always asking for experience. The specificity is always stimulating experiments. What is distinctive of Banjarnegara? Se-Nusantara will agree to answer, what else if not Dawet Ayu? Like two sides of a coin, dawet ayu and Banjarnegara are two inseparable things. Always attached. Closely. A typical identity. Not perfect when planted on foot in the town located in the middle lane of Central Java, if I do not experience pleasure dawet ayu.

"Kakang Kakang on both, maring ngendi ya yi
Tuku dawet dawete Banjarnegara
Seger, anyes, legi .. what yes?
Daweet ayu ... Dawete Banjarnegara. "

Couplet song above is part of the title track Dawet Ayu. Every person who is in the culture Banyumasan already familiar with this song. Song popularized Banyumasan legendary comedy group, Peang Penjol, presenting a glimpse of the story of how dawet Ayu so fresh, delicious and sweet. How Dawet ayu has become an important part of people's lives Banyumasan. In fact, he says a person can not be considered the Banyumasan he does not know the song Dawet Ayu.

Typical. The most distinctive in the city to try Dawet Ayu Dawet is in stall dawet Pak Munardjo. I always think, the best place to try typical is in the original. Original place. The womb of a creation. Dawet Ayu Munardjo in Jalan Dipayuda, presenting originality Banjarnegara Banjarnegara taste ayu dawet who have crossed firmly for three generations. Long before dawet Ayu Banjarnegara claimed by each community as a symbol of pride now.

I was there exactly once in the middle of the afternoon. Just as the sun was carefree exhilaration radiating. Just as my thirst toned reverb. Medium sales dawet typical ayu Banjarnegara very typical. There is a statue of Semar and Gareng on both sides of the yoke. There is a clay barrel to store brown sugar. And all-round turquoise-painted bamboo basket included endured.

Gleek Sruuuuuup .. .. .. Cleguuuk Gleeek Gleeek ... ..

Large glass beverage harmonized green pandan flavored rice flour, brown sugar bite best sweet and savory white milk of this quality coconut direct me gulp. Quickly demolished. Who dares to doubt the freshness and pleasures? Guaranteed, no one can doubt. Immediately, my thirst immediately destroyed. Body back safe and sound. Perfect!

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Sunardi, continued the tradition of Dawet Ayu Munardjo. Seemed to be taking cendol on the right side.
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The handle Centhong Cendol who became the embodiment of 'Ayu'. Heroine is a famous sighting beautiful Goddess

"Why this dawet called ayu dawet?". After experiencing genuine pleasure Dawet ayu me interested wonder to the seller.

"It says 'Ayu' because centong dawetnya depict Goddess Heroine." Sunardi said as he showed the head ladle dawet which is similar to the head of the famous Goddess pretty universal puppet.

Sunardi was the niece of Mr. Munardjo the legendary dawet continue this effort. Sons and daughters Munardjo prefer a civil servant so the tradition continued her trade dawet. Moreover, Sunardi young age already helped sell dawet Munardjo, even since selling is still in its original place, namely in the village Rejasa, Kec.Madukara, north of the town of Banjarnegara. He remembers that the recipe came from Dawet Ayu Yusri Mbah, the grandfather, who has been selling since Indonesia is not yet independent.

Identity 'Ayu' is the inherent characteristic of dawet Banjarnegara. But, there is another, no less characteristic. Namely: Semar statue and Gareng stuck on both sides of the yoke dawetnya. Symbolization Semar and Gareng selected as a synonym for the two figures punakawan it creates the word "mareng". Mareng in Javanese means the summer or drought. During hot weather, dawet ayu is 'oasis' a perfect refresher to combat thirst.

Citing research Ika Kusuma from Semarang State University (2009) "Symbol Meaning Semar and Gareng on Dawet Ayu Banjarnegara", the type of wood for carving puppet Semar and Gareng was determined exclusively on the type of wood Kanthil. It is believed to have a magical element to the power pelarisan. Kanthil in Javanese means "torn interested". Kanthil tree does produce Kanthil fragrant flowers, and is commonly used for ceremonial offerings.

If you want more interpret dawet ayu, we actually do not just find the figure of Semar and Gareng alone on a pole dawet ayu. Rather fourth Punakawan it. Her commentary more komprehansif. It is said Sunardi still rarely known to the public.

Semar means 'the colonies' dawet ayu. The symbol is the subject of selling. Gareng figure means 'ngeneng'. Banyumasan word in dialect means attracting attention. Petruk figure means 'nyeluk' which means invited to buy. And, Bagong figure means 'njagong', which is the embodiment of sitting when 'teaser-teaser' or clean glass after use buyer. The fourth figure this clown always decorate and interpret the yoke dawet ayu wherever located. Trust, this clown philosophy can also popularize sales dawet ayu.

"The day on average to sell up to a hundred glasses. If crowded pas holidays can be up to two hundred glasses "said Sunardi. The price of a cup is Rp 4000.00

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Dawet Ayu Munardjo. Pass three generations keep the tradition of typical dawet Banjarnegara.
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Atmosphere Dawet Ayu Munardjo stalls. Always crowded invaded buyer. Old young. Legendary.

From this ayu dawet, Sunardi be puffed her kitchen everyday. Maintaining the rhythm of life. He was so proud of, could send his eldest daughter at a state university in Yogyakarta. What happened Sunardi is experienced also by dozens of sellers dawet ayu scattered throughout the town of Banjarnegara. Dawet ayu has become a field of people's lives Banjarnegara.

When present in the Square Banjarnegara, I can find a dozen sellers dawet ayu. They graced the town of Banjarnegara with dawet ayu inviting all passersby to enjoy. As if to emphasize the spirit of the sellers dawet ayu that, at the gates of the square, stands the statue Angdayu (angkring Dawet Ayu). Statue of a man with pikulannya seller dawet ayu accompanied by a woman who invited buyers enjoy dawet ayu.

I remember during a visit to Padang, West Sumatra, I could find dawet Ayu Banjarnegara. Likewise, when in Pangkalpinang, Bangka. Especially if in Jakarta and major cities in Java, dawet ayu has become fresheners in the heat of the city bustle. Undoubtedly, Banjarnegara and dawet ayunya community has been steadily diaspora all over Indonesia.

This is definitely a good news. Fresh dawet ayu has spread Banjarnegara residents seeking welfare anywhere. Is not this like the people Lamongan Lamongan his stall. Or Madurese by selling his Sate Madura. The specificity of the area of ​​origin is able to prosper its citizens wherever they are. Economic evidence 'little people' of the area can be stretched and spread.

However, this step that the worry Sunardi. Authenticity sense dawet ayu ayu dawet threatened with the spread haphazardly. According to him, sometimes people make careless dawet then label it with Dawet Ayu Banjarnegara which incidentally has been famous delicious. When the quality of taste and seasli fact not as good as in the area of ​​origin, either Dawet Ayu Banjarnegara name was tarnished.

Fortunately, since October 16, 2003 dawet ayu Munardjo get protection statutes intellectual property rights (IPR) in order to maintain a sense of originality and distinctiveness. I saw in the shop wall hanging charter certificate of IPR. There are also charter certificate for successful MURI record-breaking presentation Dawet Ayu.

Typical. Again implied, that the typical it takes guard. The specificity requires protection so not easily contaminated with potentially eliminate originality. But, I think is typical also not necessarily original. Dawet Ayu Banjarnegara always seem to remain distinctive. Stay fresh brew sweet typical that this is an icon throughout the ages of Banjarnegara.

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