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Curug Setawing, Beautiful Place in Banjarnegara

What causes the rainy season should be celebrated with excitement? Teruntuk me, the rainy season is a kind of deep pleasure when waterfall-seasonal waterfall-popping throughout the entire hill.

I very love waterfalls so grateful when the rainy season, Menoreh Mountains generously provided dozens of waterfalls pouring sweet on a space-space deserted. Waterfall or waterfall Setawing also may be a seasonal waterfall that should not be overlooked in the rainy season.

I did not waste the opportunity this time the rainy season. In one trip to return home to Kebumen, I decided to divide the street Menoreh Mountains, namely via Godean - Nanggulan - Girimulyo - Kaligesing - Purworejo. The line was actually very cutting mileage. However, with a steep rise and fall make this middle way Menoreh rarely passed. Great intentions to Curug Setawing, made when she reached the Jonggrangan Market, Village Jatimulyo I turn right. Fortunately, signpost to the waterfall Setawing already available with the quite palpable.

Arriving in Curug Setawing not in a holiday is a banquet of silence. I was the only visitor at the time. Though it was echoed as a tourist village and managed by the village, the visitors still dominant at the weekend. Understandably, usually such places Setawing Curug are field visits students and students of Yogyakarta and surrounding areas are free at a time when Saturday-Sunday. From the parking lot was available, I had to walk 200 meters downhill to the path that has been arranged.

Pesona Curug Setawing is hollow ground on a cliff-cavities which then hardens as water crawled in a very long time. Stalagtik arose and stalagmik unique and charming at 45 meter high waterfall that cucurannya widening downwards. Despite the flow of water in the rainy season was not poured it creates a kind of curtain sweet digrujugi water. In the bottom of the waterfall cliffs Setawing, there is a sizeable gap that people can get into it. A sort of a mini cave.

Currently, Curug Setawing already mempersolek itself as an alternative tourist sites in Kulon Progo. Since January 2015, Curug Setawing travel has been officially opened by the village community Jatimulyo. Around the waterfall had been built stairs, garden, seating and a gazebo that is harmonized with beautiful shades and silent waterfall Setawing.

I tried to rise to the level of the middle of a steep waterfall but was convenient since trimmed with ladders and bamboo handle. While sitting in the gazebo to unwind and restless, rustling sound chime digger gemerujug water and chirping birds is equivalent pleasant to enjoy the silence.

Setawing waterfall is one of the waterfall is trying introduced and developed by Kulonprogro. As one of the owners Menoreh lush mountains, the spaces sunyinya there is definitely a charm in the form of a waterfall is a potential for exposure. Hopefully, the charm of so many waterfalls that can balance Kulonprogro with other regions in DI Yogyakarta is first known to audiences.

Around Curug Setawing, still in the District Girimulyo, there is a waterfall-waterfall like Curug Gelimpang, Niagara Flower Soka, Niagara Kedung mist, Grojogan Mudal, Curug Sigembor, Niagara Kedung Gandu, Curug Kalimiri and also Grojogan Sewu first known since a year ago. Not to mention the charms Goa, pine forests and hilltops. The good, the passion introduce scenic spots is initiated by the local villagers are joined together.

Dambaannya, I can reach the waterfall-waterfall within each other not so much these gentlemen that afternoon. Pumpung still the rainy season. But the rain that began drenching the earth Menoreh, making me quickly lift the foot of the waterfall Setawing. Only, not in order to also avoid the rain. In the end I drove the other half must divide trip Menoreh Mountains along the rain that poured. Ah, not why, riding a motorcycle in the rain was for me too is a delight.

- Curug Setawing located in the hamlet Jonggrangan, Jatimulyo village, district. Girimulyo, Kulonprogro. It has been managed by the local villagers. Already available the board direction, which is an important advance toward the road of Yogyakarta Godean then up Menoreh via Nanggulan to arrive at Market Jonggrangan. Prepare the prime vehicle for the trip will pass through a fairly steep incline.

- Location Curug Setawing can be accessed on the coordinates of -7.740381, 110.145586. Please copy the address into the GPS or Google Map.

There are photos of Curug Setawing:

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