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Curug Ganden is Cool, Beautiful Place in Banjarnegara

I have long been curious about the area to save a lot of East Kebumen. One of them, in the northern part, berjajaran mountains, but not a lot of information that I found waterfall. When encountered Curug Ganden in Hamlet Kalipuru, Pujotirto village, district. Karangsambung, curious charm could drain me of the sweetness of the rock cliffs terraced and bergurat streaks crawled river water. I also say thanks, this is a charming pearl in Kebumen east.

Pujotirto directly adjacent to the village of Wonosobo. Considered the edge, making its potential is not the norm. Moreover, Pujotirto is one of the highest village in Kebumen. At one peak, in Bukit Indrakila, we can actually look kesegala winds, including landscape Wadaslintang Reservoir. The trip to the village of Pujotirto becomes a journey full of determination to take jejalanan continues to climb the broken streets strung.

Ah, what's damaged road, if indeed adventurous. Still to be hunted, so is not it? However, this is the center of the village Pujotirto jenitri in Kebumen. Good roads need be held in order to increase their economy to market the product jenitrinya. Only, with damaged roads have remained outside buyers visited the area, especially if the road is asphalted. I met some plate car outside the area visiting Pujotirto for wholesale jenitri.

Curug Ganden is not seprimadona jenitri to attract people to come to Pujotirto. Many residents still do not understand that the potential of nature in the region could lure dozens of people - predominantly teenagers - to come to the waterfall Ganden at the weekend. Since social media characterizes the lives, the introduction of the charming places in remote areas is so widely performed. Curug Ganden is one of the 'victims'.

"Yesterday Sunday, motorcycles parked in front of my house to the brim, mas" said Mr. Yatmun of his admiration for the waterfall behind his house attended by many people.

From the house of Mr Yatmun used for grocery sales, I walked toward the waterfall Ganden. My path along the ground rather muddy former rain overnight along the river banks. Looks winnowing-winnowing grain container for jenitri on the riverbank just dried. However, the river is cloudy. I think, the residents wash jenitrinya seeds and waste disposed of in the river. It is unfortunate of course.

Rice fields are found towards Hamlet Kalipuru, Pujotirto.
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The rocks were calculated Ganden. Turns stone mortar.
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Ganden Curug landscape from the top, appears in the distance Kebumen eastern lowlands.
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Jenitri sunning on the banks of the river. Pujotirto known as a center jenitri long ago.

Need ten minutes to walk to the waterfall Ganden. I was lost. Luckily there was a kindly old man who showed the right path. I am very grateful to him, instead I was shown a rock called "Ganden". "That stone restrained but did not fall." While he pointed to the stone that sits at the top of the waterfall. I had one guess which one is considered a stone Ganden. There is one larger stone and also restrained, called the old man as Stone Mortar.

Ganden waterfall landscape is indeed a unique on such a waterfall. Look, the water was instantly falls in a hurry, but he slowly crawls, overwrite-level tiers of rocks. Perhaps there are dozens of levels before the water falls wallowing then distribute themselves on two major streams. I sat down to rest while submerging myself in silence Curug Ganden. Initially, I wanted nevertheless it seems to wallow. However, seeing the condition of the dirty water abundance jenitri, I also undo.

I think this stage has been completed. Ah, it did not. Try drops down again, I found a stream that has been divided, there is still nevertheless immersed herself in the stratified rocks.

Ganden was great waterfall is overflowing with charm grace-charm that makes me not bored for mengulik beauty. I predict, from the top to the point Basically, the height of the waterfall, terraced Ganden can reach 80 meters. It's a waterfall that is not boring, in my opinion ...


- Curug Ganden more accessible than Krakal, Alian, despite its location in the District Karangsambung. Understandably, this Pujotirto village located in the southern most part Karangsambung and east and closer to Alian.

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