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Attractions Crater Sikidang, in Banjarnegara City

Sikidang is a crater that is located in the village of Dieng Kulon, District Batur, Banjarnegara district, Central Java province. Tourist sites still belong to the Dieng Plateau. Dieng Plateau who entered the district of Banjarnegara and Wonosobo. The terrain is located on the west complex Sindoro and Sumbing. The most popular tourist locations visited by tourists because it is most easily achieved.
Crater Sikidang renowned for gas discharge hole is always moved in a wide area. From this character derives its name because the locals see it move like a deer (deer in Javanese).
The beauty and uniqueness of the crater Sikidang
Crater Sikidang not at the top of the mountain, but on land which resembles a well, so you can watch the activity of this crater from a short distance, even on the crater rim. Arriving at the main door Sikidang crater there is a market to buy souvenirs or just eliminate hunger in the shop owned by Dieng. At the entrance of Crater Sikidang, there are also bike rentals. This bike can be used for menglilingi Sikidang Crater. The rental rate of Rp 10,000.
In addition there are bicycle rental, around the crater Sikidang there is also rent horses owned by local residents. You can ride around the attraction Crater Sikidang. To get around using the horse, you just pay Rp 20,000.
Fresh green natural scenery suddenly disappeared as soon as you enter this crater complex. Only a barren expanse of land surrounded by hills with a continuous steaming. A few meters from the entrance there is a warning sign that you are careful in their stride, as well as a ban on fire and throw cigarette butts. If you want a vacation to Dieng Crater Sikidang do not forget to bring a mask.
Crater holes are everywhere. In some places the soil looks wet with turbulent boiling water. These soils dangerous when trampled as very fragile and prone to landslides. The smell of sulfur was overpowering. The further run, the smell was getting stronger and a pierced nose.
This crater is still a haven for people who depend on mining activities brimstone. Despite a strong odor, but the vapors containing sulfur is believed efficacious for smoothing the skin and eliminate acne. Chunks of sulfur are also sold to visitors as souvenirs Sikidang Crater.
At the end of the crater Sikidang, there is a large pool with water mixed with gray mud that keeps bubbling. According to local residents of water and mud has a temperature of 98 degrees Celsius, and perhaps even more. Bamboo fence built around the crater for the safety of the visitors. This tourist attraction is a unique and interesting, but you must always be vigilant in view of the crater is still quite active.
The uniqueness of the main crater is a crater Sikidang are always on the move, jumping as if looking for a new place. A big hole right in front of the complex is the main crater. If you are lucky you can also see some of the sulfur miners busy looking chunks of sulfur to be sold to the city.
Crater legend Sikidang
Sikidang the crater, according to legend who live in the community turns against the backdrop of a love story of a king who ended tragically. A beautiful queen and famous, named Queen Sintha Goddess. Because beauty, many youths take to heart.
One time the queen visited by a famous king powerful, wealthy, and the big tall, named Kingdom Kidang Garungan. Being interested in the beauty queen, the king intends to propose to become empress. The Queen out of the palace, wants to see her future husband, whether in accordance with her wishes or not.
When viewing the head of the king, the queen became very frightened and did not like because he headed deer (Java language: deer). Queen was very disappointed, but he did not dare refuse courtship. At the time of application answered the king, he asked made very deep wells. The king immediately made a deep well with a miracle. The Queen and his army directly hoard the well quickly. Live the King buried in the pit alone.
In his anger the king issued a miracle that causes the surface of the earth / ground shook and an explosion that formed the crater. Many times he tried in different locations, as if looking like animal tracks deer jumped up and ran. Therefore, this crater named Crater Sikidang (Sikijang).
King Kidang Garungan remain inside the wells are very deep and could not get out. Because of anger and disappointment, the king issued a curse that all the descendants of Queen would tangled hair (dreadlocks). At present, around the crater Sikidang still be found children who tangled hair. By the family and the local community, they have got special treatment in his life.
Towards the Dieng Plateau
To Dieng Plateau can use the existing transportation lines. Some of these pathways tergagntung where your arrival. Here are some lines that you can travel to Dieng Plateau.
1. Yogyakarta-Dieng. From Yogyakarta-Tempel-Sleman, Magelang, Temanggung-Secang-Parakan-Kertek-Wonosobo-Garung-Kejajar-Dieng
2. Solo-Dieng. From Solo-Kartasura-Boyolali-Ampel-Salatiga-Bawen-Ambarawa-Secang-Temanggung-Parakan-Kertek-Wonosobo-Garung-Kejajar-Dieng
3. Semarang-Dieng. From Semarang-Ungaran-Bawen-Ambarawa-Secang-Waterford-Parakan-Kertek-Wonosobo-Garung-Kejajar-Dieng.
4. Magelang-Dieng. Of Magelang, Temanggung-Secang-Parakan-Kertek-Wonosobo-Garung-Kejajar-Dieng
5. Purwokerto-Dieng. From Purwokerto-Sokaraja-Purbalingga-Bukateja-Klampok-Banjarnegara-Selomerto-Wonosobo-Garung-Kejajar-Dieng.
6. Purworejo-Dieng. From Purworejo-Loano-coasters-Sapuran-Kalikajar-Kertek-Wonosobo-Garung-Kejajar-Dieng
7. Kebumen-Dieng. From Kebumen-Wadaslintang-Kaliwiro-Selomerto-Wonosobo-Garung-Kejajar-Dieng
8. Pekalongan-Dieng. From Kajen-Linggoasri-Paninggaran-Kalibening-Wanayasa-Batur-Dieng.
Schedule Open Crater Sikidang
Monday - Sunday 07.00 - 16.00
Ticket price
Domestic visitors: Rp.6.000
Foreign visitors: 20,000

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