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Sunday, February 28, 2016, As usual addicts mountain bike activity fun cycling Banjarnegara, Banjarnegara this time goweser be cycled to Bukit Asmara Travel Situk located in the village Kalilunjar, District Banjarmangu, Kab. Banjarnegara.
Right At 07.00 pm the goweser Banjarnegara Banjarnegara gathered at Alun Alun, do not forget Prior fun cycling Bicycle Community's invocation was given first so fluency in order to place the destination safely.

Although the pathway for many incline towards the place of destination, but will not deter to keep biking. Jefri Prahatamo one cyclist said "Travel to Bukit Asmara Situk if motor vehicle use is common, Biking To Bukit Asmara Situk it was wonderful, because we are different" He said aloud. Only by paying five thousand rupiah, visitors will be presented with a wonderful spectator from the top of the hill
Bukit travel romance situk or better known as resembling B.A.S Kalibiru Yogyakarta travel, and Hill at Panusupan Purbalingga. This hill is situated Above times Mrawu. and up the hill to tourists have to walk about a half hour or forty-five menitan, BAS are currently doing renovations and adding rides Flying Fox to be the main attraction.
Many say that the Mount romance situk photographed with his partner, will make the relationship becomes Lasting.

Although travel is still relatively new, but saudah many tourists from outside the region as of Wonosobo, Purbalingga, Purwokerto, Banyumas, and cilcacap, probably by promoting travel is not impossible Bukit romance situk this into a tourist Popular Area Barlingmascakeb (Banjarnegara, Purbalingga, Banyumas , Cilacap, Kebumen).

The goweser Banjarnegara very satisfied, and a sense of tired terbayarkan with the beauty of the hills situk romance, besides exercising, biking will establish a sense of kinship in Community Gowes this Banjarnegara.
Salam Gowes

As many as 700 more residents in some villages in the district Madukara, Banjarnegara, Central Java, devotedly build alternative roads, Tuesday, March 29, 2016. They made an alternative access to the main road to replace the broken hit by landslides.

The road was built to connect the village to the village Plipiran Prohibition. Access two villages were cut off since the landslides last weekend.

"But the two villages can not be forwarded because they have to use heavy equipment and is being examined by the technical team," said Andi Sulistiyo, Rapid Response Team Coordinator Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) Banjarnegara.

BPBDs report, the current site conditions, the ground movement is still going on in the main point landslide. Distance glide avalanche was observed up to 3-4 meters wide. Andi added, until Tuesday afternoon, houses were heavily damaged to 17 units, slightly damaged two units, and the danger of landslides straight seven units. "Untukjumlah still 267 refugees from 73 families lives."

Andi said the team's assessment of geological Bandung while recommending residents in RT 002, RT 005, RT 001, RT 003 and partially in the RW 001 to evacuate. Therefore, the region in which they live incoming danger zone. If the heavy rains, wargadiminta remain in shelters.

The students and teachers who want to go to school are transported using vehicles from the Army and BPBD. Previously, they had to walk through the trails in the hills as far as 1 kilometer.

Nature Segara Chicks Cilacap, close to banjarnegara
Segara Chicks located behind Nusakambangan Cilacap district, Central Java province. Segara is a word derived from the Javanese language, which means it is the sea. A unique lagoon on the south coast of Java with the ecosystem of mangrove swamps (mangrove) which has a complete composition and forest structure in Java. Region Segara Chicks is a meeting place for three (3) major rivers, namely Sungai Citanduy, Cibereum River and Cikonde River and other small rivers.

This area is also the liaison economic movements and public water transportation from Cilacap to Pangandaran. Various components of biological resources such as flora, habitat for many species of fauna, the landscape of land and water that forms a natural ecosystem. Panorama presents a unique landscape and an amazing view. Enjoy the unique blend of beauty and exciting adventure full of nuances.

The beauty of Segara Chicks
Down Segara Chicks Cilacap, we would like to be in the maze of mangrove plants in the water with the right and left as far as the eye can see. Marine natural resources and ecosystems can be developed as a tourist attraction at the same nautical education tourism.
segara saplings
Besides having the potential wealth of the lagoon ecosystem, Segara Chicks Cilacap located adjacent to reclaiming the island has a special attraction for tourists, so down Segara Chicks while also witnessing Nusakambangan close. Along the path traversed to Segara Chicks is also a path to Kampung Laut, a district located outside the mainland area of ​​Cilacap. The uniqueness of Kampung Laut people's lives could be supporting the appeal of nautical tourism in Cilacap.

Kampung Laut is the name of a district located on the north western tip of the island of Nusakambangan, precisely in the Village Klaces. Kampung Laut made up of four villages, or villages, each of which is the village of Ujungalang, Crow Edge, Panikel, and Klaces being Kampung Laut subdistrict.

Along the way to Kampung Laut, tourists are treated to views of reclaiming the island with buildings Prison Area Pertamina oil refinery, oil ships passing, boats Fishermen and mangrove forest on either side. When arriving Germplasm Center Study Mangrove Conservation Indonesia, tourists can take a stroll along the tracking area for a close look at the various types of plants Mangrove, Mangrove planting seedlings, and enjoy seafood dishes that can be ordered to residents of Kampung Laut.

Another alternative of maritime tourism activities in Cilacap is down Segara Chicks go directly to one of the villages in the hometown of Sea and do activities together with residents or communities Kampung Laut. It would be more satisfactory if staying overnight in Kampung Laut. Travelers can see and engage directly with people's daily activities there such as fishing, searching for crabs, planting mangrove seedlings, rice farming, making palm sugar, and watch traditional arts of Kampung Laut.

Segara Chicks is a natural laboratory for researchers at home and abroad from various disciplines, among others, biology, geology, physics, social, economic, cultural, and legal. The mangrove ecosystem Segara Chicks concerning the life cycle of fish, shrimp, crabs and other fauna, such as birds and various reptiles. This lagoon is a breeding ground for children of marine animals before then out through the mouth of the lagoon to the open sea, the Indian Ocean.

As a means of marine transport between the districts and the centers of the crowd on the edge of western, southern and eastern waters Segara Chicks, the lagoon is very vital. Another potential is the tourism strong appeal. In the 1980s, at Segara Chicks are 26 species of mangrove plants with three types of vegetation (plants). The most dominant types of fires, mangroves, and cancang (Bruguiera gymnonthiza) is often used to frame residents of the building houses on stilts.

The uniqueness of the lagoon ecosystem Segara Puppies can be seen from the presence of the organisms, one of which is eel. This fish contains DHA almost doubled compared to the usual fish. Of the 12 species of eels in the world, seven of which were developed in this area. Because of the importance role, Conservation Agency Segara Chicks and reclaiming the lagoons is split into three sections: a core zone, a transition zone, and the utilization zone.

Towards Segara Chicks
To go Segara Puppies can through the two ports. Sleko first port named port located in the center of Cilacap. In this port, there is a base motorboat usually called compreng, which can take visitors to Kampung Laut. Visitors can choose to hire compreng, or use a regular compreng cheaper, with consequence and the limited time. From Sleko towards Kampung Laut, will take about 90 minutes.

The second port is located in the district of Ciamis, West Java Province, directly adjacent to Cilacap. Of Ciamis, Segara Puppies can be entered from Majingklak. In Majingklak also a compreng rentals that are cheaper than in Sleko, and the travel time to Kampung Laut shorter, only about 20 minutes.

Service information:
Department of Tourism and Culture District. Cilacap
Jl. A. Yani No. 8 Cilacap Tel. 0282-534481

Torrential rains and unstable soil conditions in the village Clapar, District Madukara, Banjarnegara, Central Java, causing nine houses were severely damaged and 218 residents to evacuate.
"Severely damaged in the sense uninhabitable. In addition, 34 homes were damaged, lighter and threatened by landslides, "said Handoko, post officers Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) in Central Java, told BBC Indonesia, Monday (28/03).

The landslides began on Thursday (24/03) afternoon and Friday (03/25) morning.
Handoko said, until Monday morning, the rain was still pouring Clapar village, "led to the persistence of soil movement. This is due to unstable soil, red soil from the elements, especially in contact with water constantly ".

Avoid the appearance of casualties, local authorities evacuated 237 residents, most of whom are children and the elderly. They were evacuated at some point, including the Village Hall Clapar and Kindergarten Earth.

Based on the PMI data, a major landslide in Banjarnegara happened twice. First on Thursday (24/03) at 18:00 pm, followed by a second landslide on Friday (03/25) at 1:30 pm.
Head of Data, Information and Public Relations of National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB), Sutopo, in a press release called the landslide occurred "in a fairly wide area, namely the area of ​​five hectares, with the ground move as far as 1.2 kilometers."

"This type of avalanche adalan avalanche creep (soil creep) that moves slowly. Geological and topographical conditions in this place, naturally it is easy to landslides ".Landslides also caused Dieng Banjarnegara and connecting roads, collapsed at some point, one kilometer.

According to Sutopo, a region with such conditions "unfit to be a settlement, because of the danger."
However, the BBC Indonesia, Handoko call Cluwas refugees at the Village Hall, not discussed how the fate of their residence in the future.

"But do not know a week or two weeks ahead, if they are still displaced. (Moreover) the government has not thought of the provision of shelter (temporary shelter) ".

To deal with the landslide in Banjarnegara, Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) along Kodim, Police, and local Tagana, deploying 300 personnel.

A total of 237 residents of the village Clapar, Banjarnegara, evacuate.
Help includes a common kitchen, blankets and mats, "supported by raw materials (food) that comes from the farm's own citizens".

Although the dry season has come, a number of regions in Indonesia still receive rainfall with high intensity.

In addition, in Banjarnegara, Central Java, torrential rains have caused flooding as high as one meter in Nabire, Papua, since Thursday (24/03).
While in Kutai, East Kalimantan, the rain had caused floods that destroy rice fields covering an area of ​​950 hectares with a production potential of 1,900 to West Kutai, East Kalimantan, on Sunday (03/27).

High-intensity rainfall also potentially occurred in southern Sumatra and Sulawesi.
"So, the threat of flooding, landslides, and tornados are still high in Indonesia," Sutopo lid.

Wana Tirta waterfall is located in the village of Panusupan, District Purbalingga Rembang district, Central Java province. This tourist attraction officially become a new tourist rides in Purbalingga district is ready to offer to tourists. Tirta Wana waterfall is a waterfall with a height of 16 meters and is based on research by experts, the water can be drunk directly because it comes from infiltration rocks. This place has been unveiled by Bupati Purbalingga Sukento Rido Marhaendrianto while inaugurating Wana Tirta as a vehicle for travel on Tuesday 10 February, 2015.

Four villages in Purbalingga, set up a joint tourism development in the concept of "Mampirtapa". Mampirtapa an abbreviation of the names of four villages in the district of Rembang, Village Tomb, Village Sumampir, Tanalum Village, and Village Panusupan. The idea of ​​joint tourism development came after an agreement antarempat village head. The concept of community-based tourism development along it promotes natural attraction, the potential of culture, art, and local wisdom.
waterfall wanatirta

The concept is expected to be run after the opening of a new bridge in the form of arch bridge that connects the village Panusupan and Village Graveyard. Rural Development and Rural Tourism Panusupan Tanalum has inspired neighboring villages to optimize existing potential for tourism.

Panusupan village was already known by the grave of Sych religious tourism in Bukit Jambu Karang Ardi Lawet, and supported by cultural arts Dayakan travel, kotekan Dimples, Tirta Wana travel waterfall, and a number of other natural beauty. The village then known as the village Tanalum thousand waterfall and presenting a marvelous nature.

Sumampir village, potential for development thanks to the enthusiasm of its citizens to build an "ciblon". Tomb village known as the stone craftsmen akiknya that would give more support to tourists who want to visit buying souvenirs agate.

Besides the waterfall, one of the very attractive folk art is art Dayakan. Art Dayakan a folk performing arts in Panusupan Tourism Village, District of Rembang, turned out to be its own attraction for tourists. Ireng mask art presented in the villages of Mount Merapi-Merbabu. The difference, Dayakan performed by children and accessories are used also tend to be natural.
dance agriculturally
Faces of the children who will dance empowering, painted using charcoal. Facial appearance as similar to the board (of the forest). The dancer's body by accessories with herbaceous foliage and yellow coconut. Grass that is used is not arbitrary that Kapulata grass. Average tetabuan be gong, gong, and a bucket.

Dayakan dance is a dance handed down from ancestors, it's just has not shown. Dayak called, because it seems the people here had come from the pedestal (forest),

The grass is used as a dance form of grass Kapulata property. This implies the use of grass later lives of the people in the village can be arranged. All her life organized and well ordered. Then grass Japakrias which implies the convening of this dance it all convulsions or diseases may be lost. Medium yellow leaf ning meaningful sejane nur (toward reaching the light of the Divine), and yellow colors meaningful word dadi (generated from the heart / soul nodes).

Strawberry Gardens is located on the east side at the foot of Mount Slamet precisely Pratin, Serang Village, District Karangreja Purbalingga regency, Central Java. approximately 1 hour drive from Kota Purbalingga. Purbalingga it is not only synonymous with the sights Owabong only. But there are more interesting to visit, namely Agro garden strawberry. This area is located on a mountain slope Slamet with a cool air and beautiful natural scenery.

One appeal of the location of these attractions is the facility's own direct quotation in the plantations. Visitors can pick and enjoy strawberries straight from the garden while enjoying the natural scenery. But unfortunately, you are not allowed to take out of the garden strawberry. If you are interested in buying a strawberry, you can buy in a location that has been provided.
In the gardens, visitors can pick their own strawberries there. But not recommended to be eaten immediately but must be washed first. Visitors who will pick the fruit can bring a plastic basket to collect the desired fruit. Each farmer sometimes have a supply of strawberries from other gardens. So if the garden the visitor was not a lot of fruit, visitors can still have the opportunity to enjoy this fresh strawberry fruit. Do not worry, even if it is not the fruit season strawberry supplies persist despite the fruit may not come from the orchard.
Strawberry season

You should visit this Agrowista in around June, July, August. That's when fruiting strawberry being the maximum. Although each year the plant strobery only do 1 change plants, namely in January generally, and in March has borne fruit, and the fruit will continue until December.

Strawberries not only tourists can buy vegetables such as cabbage, cauliflower, muncang / leek, carrot, welok, mustard, and many others. The weather was hot, but the temperature was over 28 degrees, it makes tourists comfortable to linger in this garden. The atmosphere is calm, smooth paved road access, and air is very cool distinctive mountains.

As it is known that this area is also a supplier of vegetables for Banyumas and surrounding area including the area to the north coast around Tegal and Pekalongan. In this garden visitors can see the atmosphere of the vegetable garden and allowed to pick their own vegetables you want to take home. Vegetable prices here obviously much cheaper when compared to the prices in the market. For large traders usually buy in wholesale.

For those who want to bring as souvenirs are also provided strawberries are sold per kilo, but most are sold per plastic packaging containing as many as 20 pieces of strawberry fruit. Fruits are packed this has been cut from the leaves and have it cleaned so it's ready to eat. Prices of strawberries here sometimes relatively not much different from the market price at the supermarket, but here visitors can privilege to view or pick their own fruit as desired.

Spending time at this location can be prolonged. Three hours will suffice for a stroll in the garden is very beautiful. Besides the friendliness of the population also makes us feel at home in the area there. But if desirable any longer enjoy the atmosphere there or wants to spend the holidays in this location also provided a few houses that can be rented.

The landscape is so beautiful.

In some courtyard houses are often seen many trees colorful flowers typical mountain area. Flowers are the most attention include amethyst flowers and dahlias. In addition there are many shrubs typical flowers like flowers of three colors, red bush flower, gladiolus and a variety of other flower varieties.

Cone-shaped flowers are flowers of plants amethyst with a height of about 1-2 meters. Young orange flowers are widely seen hanging on the tree stem. For certain people often take advantage of this amethyst seed to be abused as a material which is hallucinogenic. Only the dose is so low that not many do.

Another interesting flowers are dahlias. This flower is very many kinds there are stacks there are single, there is a small great. Dahlia flower color is also varied as white, red, blue, yellow, purple, pink and others. This flower is actually easily propagated by using tubers roots, but can only grow when planted in areas with altitudes above 1000 meters and cold temperate areas only.

Heading into the garden location Strawberry

To get to the strawberry farm is not difficult, especially if you have your own vehicle. From Owabong, point your vehicle about 5 km to the Mrebet. Pertigaan last before the gas station, you will see the board welcome to the site of Wana and gardens Strawberry. Next, follow the path up to the destination location.
Purbalingga distance of approximately 25 kilometers using the hot mix asphalt but narrow and uphill. The path weaved with natural scenery is very beautiful village. You can take the path to Purbalingga by passing the District Mrebet to get to Serang or Karangareja Kutabawa as the capital district. Additionally, you can also pass through the path to Lawa Cave because of its location which is above the cave.
If you come from Purwokerto city you can take the path Sokaraja Purbalingga-Mrebet-Karangreja. If you are in you can Lokawisata Baturaden Baturaden route through north-Limpakuwus but this route is very quiet because it's not a common pathway.
In the epic Mahabharata, Ghatotkacha born in the form of a giant. By Guru, Ghatotkacha infant was taken to Crater Candradimuka very hot. Ghatotkacha body dipped into the crater to eliminate the evil that is in him (massiveness). The heat of the water in the crater is also made Ghatotkacha be gallant.

In the village of Pekasiran, District Batur, Banjarnegara, there is a crater named after craters purgatory Ghatotkacha, Candradimuka. Named like that, because the water temperature in the crater could reach over 100 degrees Celsius.

Candradimuka relatively new craters serve as a tourist area. By the Government of Banjarnegara, this place has been promoted as a tourist destination in 2001.

In this place, there are three active craters. Arriving at the parking sites, visitors must descend stairs to reach the third craters here. Although not too far away, the stairs to the crater is quite slippery, coupled with fog coming out due to the heat of the crater made the trip to be extra careful.

Visitors who come to the crater Candradimuka charge ticket. However, the road to this place is not too good. Winding road to this place and have not been asphalted.

This place is still not equipped with various amenities usually found at the tourist spots. No post a guard or small rooms and food and beverage vendors.